How to Create a Romantic Valentines or Date Night At Home

Are you and your special someone staying in this Valentine’s day? It can be a fun and flirty alternative to going out for dinner, so here are some suggestions to help you create a romantic mood at home for Valentine’s – or any date night.

(This post was updated in February 2023)


You should be able to feel the romance in the air and one way to do this is by stimulating all the senses, including smell – for example wear a fragrance that you know your partner can’t resist.

Or light a candle with a seductive scent. This luxury range of scented candles from Parks candles makes a perfect Valentine’s gift and can be used whenever you are feeling romantic. Choose sensual fragrances, such as Dark Rose with it’s heady and musky rose scent.


Soft lighting helps to set the mood so keep lights low and ambient, using lamps, tealights and candles on the dinner table. Put a blanket or sheepskin rug by the fire where you can cuddle and share a glass of wine after dinner.

Dress up

Just because you’re staying in, don’t think you can get away with wearing your comfy loungewear! It shows you care when you dress up and look nice for each other. You could even pick out each other’s outfit, choosing the items you love to see your partner in.

Remember this occasion needs to feel special, so whether it’s styling your hair, wearing the perfect red lipstick or the shirt you keep for best, don’t neglect your appearance and you can be sure the extra effort you’ve made won’t go unnoticed!


Music as we know is powerful and evocative, stirring memories and emotions so think about the playlist you want to listen to during your romantic time together. Songs that mean something to you, reminding you of when you first met or dated. Or you might want a soundtrack to slow dance to, which is incredibly intimate and allows you to touch, talk and hug. However don’t let the music become the focus of the night, which should be about each other.


They say that couples who cook together stay together. It can bring you closer and deepen bonds.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best cook in the world as there are some great restaurant-worthy ready meal options to buy, or you could order in from a restaurant and heat it up at home – but don’t get lost in the company and forget to turn off the oven!

Sharing a dessert is a nice way to finish off the meal and if you both enjoy a drink, make sure to choose a good wine to accompany your meal.

Table decor

Put a little extra thought into setting the dining table – since red reminds us of love and passion, this could be your colour scheme. Or if you want to be a little less obvious, black and gold always look sophisticated. Add candles, table confetti or a simple arrangement of flowers as a romantic centrepiece. Lay out a nice tablecloth and don’t forget the napkins and wine glasses.

Other ideas

  • Buy each other a little surprise Valentine’s day gift
  • Make pre-dinner Valentine’s cocktails together
  • Snuggle up and watch a Romcom or a classic film you’ve never seen before
  • If you have kids, pack them off for a sleepover so you can be alone
  • Have a home spa experience, share a bath or give each other a massage with sensual oils
  • Play a game together such as a flirty version of Truth or Dare

Remember Valentine’s day is not about lavish gifts and showy displays of affection. It should be about appreciating your partner and letting them know how wonderful you think they are.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

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