Top Tips for Stylish Storage

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Clutter. Keepsakes. Handy bits and bobs. Whatever you want to call it, most of us have lots of stuff around the house that we either don’t use regularly, assume ‘might’ come in handy, are saving for a rainy day, or has some emotional value to us. So, what do we do with it all when we are not using it? Our material belongings can take up a lot of room and make our homes look messy, but boxes upon boxes stacked around the house is not particularly attractive. Read the following tips for how to make your storage solutions stylish.

Use Multi-Purpose Storage

Many people do not have large amounts of space they can dedicate to storage, so in smaller houses especially, it is a great idea to double up your storage solutions to fulfil multiple purposes. In living areas, this could be a footstool or ottoman which opens up to reveal an internal storage space. This is ideal for blankets, magazines, remote controls or toys.

A great way for increasing storage in the bedroom is by opting for beds with divan bases. There is a big range of divan bases at, where you will find divans with drawers, ottoman and hideaway storage. Big Brand Beds offer products from all the industry leaders, so you know you’re getting high-quality too. Divan beds offer a large amount of storage space without unsightly boxes poking out, and are perfect for storing clothes, towels, bedding, and shoes without them gathering dust. For extra style points, add a headboard that matches the rest of your room.

Make Your Storage a Feature

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Why not embrace your clutter, and use it as an excuse to add a funky feature to your décor? Maybe your living area would benefit from a feature shelf or cabinet? Fill cubbies or shelves with pretty canvas or wicker storage tubs interspersed with stylish ornaments, plants, or photo frames to create an interesting focal point which is both nice to look at, and practical. For a quirky look, wall-mounted crates look great indoors and outdoors, and can be sized to suit your individual needs.

Another great idea for bookworms, if you have the space, is to create a book nook. This can just be in the corner of a room, in a window, a cubby hole or even a spare room if you have one. Not only is it somewhere to keep all of your reading material, but it’s the perfect place for all your blankets, cushions and candles.

Hide it!

If you have a whole area dedicated to storage which isn’t visually appealing, there are several budget-friendly options you could consider to hide it, such as curtains, screens or panels. The good thing about these is that you can match them to the style and colour of the rest of the room.

Repurpose Old Items

As people are becoming more environmentally minded, there is more emphasis on reducing, reusing, and recycling. Luckily, this is easy to extend to your décor and storage solutions. Antique and charity shops are a goldmine of treasures if you have a bit of patience and are willing to look. Vintage items are very much in fashion, and antique chests and cases are perfect for that distressed or lived in aesthetic.

Get Your Craft on!

Whether it’s an old piece of furniture that needs sprucing up or you are completely starting from scratch, making and crafting is fun, therapeutic, and a good way to ensure you have a truly unique and bespoke item for your home. You could add a fresh coat of paint in a complementary colour, add a distressed effect using sandpaper, add fabrics or gems, or even decoupage using pretty papers.

Use Space Wisely

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Even if you have a huge house, chances are you don’t want storage to take up any more space than necessary. Look carefully around your home for areas you could sneak storage into without compromising on space. There are many different styles of shelves which can be fitted almost anywhere, including above doors or in the corners of rooms. Hanging storage is also a good way to use space effectively, and is often used in kitchens to hang pots, pans, and utensils, or in garages for tools and garden equipment. Look in your cupboards and other areas you tend to stash things. Could you use the space more effectively by separating it into sections, or using cubbies or boxes? You’ll be amazed at how much space you can save by homing things in a smart and organised way.

Although there is much research which shows how beneficial decluttering your home can be, it is also understood that most people have many things which are worth keeping, for a variety of reasons. Utilising storage wisely means you can still benefit from decluttering, without throwing out things you don’t want to, or compromising on style.

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