Fab Ideas for Restyling a Tweener’s Bedroom

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The difficult transition period between child and teenager can come with a lot of changes. Each child is different and develops at their own pace, but you may notice that they are no longer excited by their bedroom decor during this time. However, they aren’t quite old enough to want to style their own room or completely lose all the fun. Gone are the teddy bears and toys, but what do you replace them with? They will want a bedroom that feels grown up without feeling boring. A tweener will have their own distinct personality with likes and dislikes, and they will want a bedroom that reflects their views on the world around them. Here are a few ideas for tweener bedrooms that can be fun without being too childish. 


If you look on the internet, you will find thousands of suggestions for space-themed bedrooms designed for children with planets hanging on the ceiling and glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on the wall. This is not what a tweener is most likely to be looking for. However, space can be a passion that many people carry with them into adulthood. Therefore a subtler, more subdued space theme can strike a balance well for a tweener’s bedroom. Think more about using dark color palettes on the wall and decorating with a selection of space posters rather than a paper-mache moon. Space doesn’t need to mean sci-fi either. You can go more retro, thinking of 1960s style futurism with lava lamps and curved bucket seats. There are fantastic feature items like a telescope or model rockets that can replace the old toy chests. 

The Video Gamer

With the rise of online video games like Fortnite and League of Legends and the next generation of gaming consoles arriving on the market, there is a high possibility your young adult-to-be is already an avid gaming fan. A video game styled bedroom can be built around the gaming device, making the screen and gaming chair a large feature of the room. If the games are played elsewhere in the house, then the bedroom can be more styled to be reminiscent of the favorite game’s graphics. Video games are a massive global market, and you can get memorabilia for almost any popular video game. Try to stick to one or two favorite video games, as you don’t want the room to become a mess with clashing graphic styles and color palettes. Lighting can also help the gaming theme, with spotlights highlighting the room’s best features or smart controls letting the room change colours to match the occupant’s mood. Smart lighting can also be useful for gaming as the correct lighting can help prevent eye strain. 


If your child is passionate about the planet and wants you to take more care of recycling your waste, then that can be a brilliant starting point for a bedroom redesign. An environmental theme for a child can mean stuffed animal toys and safari jungle wallpaper. For a tweener, it might mean looking for sustainable furniture. It would win you some great points if you can consider your conscientious kid when picking every piece of linen and lamp that re-styles their room. This means using natural fabrics and perhaps reflecting this in more neutral colours on the walls. A feature for an eco-friendly bedroom could be plants or a fish tank. This will also give your tweener a feeling of responsibility as they become responsible for the plants or fish, ensuring they are well fed and watered. You could pick plants that are particularly good for soaking up carbon dioxide or if your child has difficulty getting up for school, pick plants that help you feel refreshed in the morning.

Always Ask

While it may seem incredibly tempting to take the opportunity to redecorate the room while your kid is at camp or staying at their best friend’s house, this could go badly. Unless you know your child’s taste incredibly well, then it is always best to consult them on their bedroom’s design. Asking their opinion will ensure there aren’t any “Yeah, I liked that last week but not anymore” scenarios, and it will also help with them feeling more grown-up and responsible. Giving them ownership of the design doesn’t mean you are just letting them loose with a brush and a paint can, but it can mean allowing them to pick the broad themes and look online with you for inspiration that excites them. Remember, it is their bedroom, and they will be the ones who spend the most time in it. Give them the option to create a space that they will enjoy spending time in. 

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