How Water Features Can Make Outdoor Spaces More Relaxing

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Outdoor water features provide an overwhelming feeling of peace and tranquility, whether you live in an apartment with a balcony, or a giant sprawling countryside estate.

The natural sounds of flowing and trickling water are well known to be a great stress reliever, and its relaxing effects can clear your mind and take you to another place.

Water features are very effective at drowning out the hum of traffic noises, giving a feeling of distance and separation from the world passing by around you.

A major benefit of incorporating a water feature into an outdoor space is the attraction of the local wildlife. Water features bring nature into your environment by drawing birds and other small creatures near by adding more whimsical nature sounds and beautiful colours into the environment.

Water Features as a Design Element

A water feature on any scale, from fountain to pond, is an easy to maintain addition to any garden space. With so many options where features are concerned, adding one to your yard could add a beautiful and unique design element. It is quite easy to find a style that perfectly compliments your tastes.

Optimise the use of natural light in the area by putting a water feature in direct sunlight, allowing the rays to shine through the streams and play in the water. The use of water features allows you to create a more unique and personalised look to an outdoor space.

Water can also make a tiny area seem bigger due to its reflective qualities, much like a mirror does in a room. Introducing a small water feature into a restrictive space can make it seem airier and larger. Water features also cool a garden space down significantly, making it a more comfortable environment.

Affecting your State of Mind

Providing serenity, water features have a great psychological effect on those around them. Being near water sources is highly therapeutic, and this is proven by the number of different water therapies available. Having a space of your own to retreat to regularly will assist you in leading a lower stress, lower anxiety, better grounded lifestyle.

Because water is one of the four natural elements, it is said to evoke strong reactions in humans, so water features are a fantastic place to go to for periods of self-reflection and important decision-making.

For some, water is considered a link to the spiritual world, so a water feature can provide an oasis to reconnect with their spiritual side, and a welcome break from the chaos of modern living.

Choosing the Right Water Feature

Before physically introducing a fountain or pond to an environment it is important to look into the different types of options available, so you can decide what is best suited to your garden. It is important to consider factors like available space and what degree of maintenance you are prepared to take on. A person with a busy lifestyle with little extra time might be best paired with a simple fountain that requires nothing more than being plugged in. However someone with time to spend outdoors may prefer a complete pond set-up with fragrant plants and flowers and fish swimming to create a total atmosphere.

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