Weatherproof Your Garden in 6 Easy Ways

Hands up who feels like we just endured the longest winter?  But the nights are getting lighter now and the plants in the garden are budding, so things are definitely looking up.

British gardens can take quite a battering with our unpredictable climate and the poor plants don’t always fare too well.  But by planting certain hardy varieties and introducing some innovative solutions to your outdoor space, it is possible to enjoy a garden that stays in tip top condition all year round!  Why not check out this handy infographic (produced by Wonderlawn) that gives you the lowdown:


  1. Heather is easy to grow and very hardy, seeing out rain hail and shine with ease. The beautiful colour will make any garden look great as they are one of the earliest blooming plants. Heather is also loved by bumblebees, which means pollinated plants.
  2. Rhododendrons require minimal pruning and are an evergreen plant, meaning that they will look great almost all year round. These attractive flowers can also be moved very easily due to their shallow roots. An a attractive no-nonsense plant that requires minimal effort.
  3. Primulas are fantastic for your herbaceous border, with flowers in summer and foliage all year. The popular primula plant features a variety of different coloured flowers, including purple, red, white and yellow. Breathe new life into your garden in an instant with this fast taking plant.
  4. Camellias benefit from attractive green foliage even after the spring flowers have gone. Although they are better for sheltered areas, camellias are still a hardy plant that can be grown in full sun, partial or complete shade and are known for withstanding the coldest winters.
  5. Azaleas are evergreen and are available in a wide variety of colours. Azaleas are fully hardy and can withstand temperatures down to -15°C, meaning they’re perfect for the UK weather. We recommend planting these en masse for a bright, colourful effect that really sings.
  6. The changeable weather will also take its toll on your lawn, and the constant mowing, manicuring and watering can become tiresome.  Artificial grass can be a great solution.  It doesn’t need trimming or watering, you don’t have to worry about people and pets walking mud back through the house.  Artificial grass ensures your lawn – and garden – will look amazing whatever the weather.
© Copyright 2015 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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