Weddings: The Devil is in the Detail

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Weddings don’t come around too often so you’ll want to make sure yours is the best it can be and stand out from the other 270,000 weddings that occur every year in the UK. To do this however, you will need to go through a meticulous planning process in which you’ll have to think of every key detail and make sure it is right for you.  

On average, a couple will spend 13 months planning their wedding and whilst this will be a fun task, it can feel overwhelming at times with so much to consider along the way. With this in mind, you may feel as though there is not enough time to get every detail right but we’re here to help.  

Here’s how to ensure you get every detail right for your big day.  

The basics

Before we move on to the smaller details of the wedding, you’ll want to make sure you don’t fall at the first hurdle and put these things in place first.  

  • Budget – Create a budget and then stick to it; this will help you when deciding on features for the wedding.  
  • Theme – Traditional or something a little more interesting? Whatever you decide, the theme will be a huge factor when determining what your wedding will look like so come up with it straight away. Choose a wedding cake, flowers and decor to fit your theme.
  • Venue – It can be difficult to find the right venue but when you do, you’ll be competing with other couples to book it so ensure you focus on this early on. Check if catering is provided for your guests!
  • Guestlist – Now you’ve found your venue, you’ll know how many people you can invite so start deciding who does – or doesn’t – make the cut. 
  • Buy your clothing – One of the more exciting parts but what’s a wedding without a dress or a sharp suit. Take time to find the right one and feel amazing on your big day.  

The finer details

These features are traditionally overlooked by the things aforementioned but without them, your wedding may be a disaster. Ensure you leave enough time to fit these items into your planning.  

  • Lighting – Lighting is a huge factor for perfecting the look of your wedding and without it, people may struggle to see you tying the knot.  
  • Signage – Make it easier for your guests to get around with clear signage all over the venue. Inform guests where the toilets and the dance floor are etc. and they’ll truly appreciate it.
  • Entertainment – Who’s going to play the music for your first dance? Make sure you book a great band or DJ who will turn your wedding into a party that everyone can enjoy.  
  • Speeches – Decide who you can trust to make a speech without embarrassing you – too much – and inform them so they have enough time to write a smashing speech for you.  

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