What Are The 4 Pillars Of Rustic Chic?

What do you imagine when you think about rustic decor? 

Most people would describe a rustic interior as quirky, stopped in time, old-fashioned. Gloomy is also a recurring word. More often than not, rustic designs can feel dark. Think of the rustic cabin in the woods or the rustic barn. The use of wood is a no-brainer. But, when the focus is put on a dark wooden material, the result can rapidly feel oppressing. Most people wouldn’t mind spending a couple of days in a rustic home, but they wouldn’t want to live in one. 

However, you can also put an elegant spin on the typical rustic style. For anybody who loves the simplicity of vintage countryside homes, rustic chic is the way to go. 

rustic decor
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1. Simple and solid wood furniture 

There’s no denying that wood lies at the heart of the rustic aesthetic. However, the rustic chic look opts for solid and simple wood furniture that is easy to maintain and look after. Straightforward shapes elevate your interior to give it a charming finish. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid dark varnishing and use oil as a waterproofing base instead. Indeed, the varnish can give your wood an unnaturally dark tone. One word of advice if you’re in the process of buying wood furniture: less is more. 

2. Embrace local colours and culture

The reason why most people associate rustic interiors with countryside properties is that they tend to make the most of the local resources and materials. Nowadays, you can turn to the local artisans and landscapes for inspiration to inject colours into your decor. Indeed, it’s time to step away from the traditional gingham or native design. Consider your colours to build an accent that reminds your guests of the local scenery, for instance. A walk down the park could give you plenty of inspiration about autumnal colours you could use at home. 

rustic interior
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3. Carefully selected artistic accents

Rustic chic is all about tasteful focal points, such as the addition of abstract art to the dining room. Keeping the “less is more” principle as a guiding rule, it’s best to build a single accent to enhance the room rather than distract with too many attention-seeking pieces. What is a suitable artistic accent? A painting is the ideal choice for small to medium rooms, as a 2D accent. For large rooms, you can use playful sculptures that complement the ambience. 

4. Clutter-free environment

Last but not least, some vintage rustic decors tend to leave an overwhelming impression as the rooms are cramped with what can only be described as clutter. Nowadays, if you want to create an elegant rustic feel, you need to stay away from the unnecessary stuff that fills the space. Practical storage solutions are your saviour. Not only do they keep your interior tidy, but they’re perfect for hiding electronic gadgets. After all, you can’t really call it rustic decor if you keep your laptop and tablet in plain sight! 

Rustic chic is an interesting twist on the minimalist trend that brings all the charm of a countryside interior without the clutter. Whilst you can recognise elements of a minimalist style, the choice of simple accessories and focal points can deliver a vintage or cosy feel.  

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