What Do Buyers Look for in a New Build Home?

Many renters will make a move into property ownership in the next few years. If you’re one of them, one of the top considerations will be whether you want to live in an older property or a new one. New build homes have a lot to offer first time buyers who want specific things out of their living space. Let’s look at some of the key selling features a new build has to offer: 

Energy efficiency 

With rising energy bills, a major concern in the current economic climate will be the energy efficiency of a new home. One of the pluses of buying a new build is that it must meet certain standards and criteria in terms of heating and ventilation. In an old house, a lot of heat and energy can be lost through inefficient windows and doors, but with a modern house you will get double or triple glazing and insulation to keep the temperature just right, as well as an up to date and efficient boiler and radiators, which will help reduce energy bills. 

New homeowners now more than ever are keen on green credentials and sustainability, so are looking for energy efficient homes that are affordable to run, built sustainably with cool features such as renewable energy, boiling water taps and waste disposal. 

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Low maintenance 

As everything is brand spanking new, there will be no worries for you about replacing the roof or guttering. Paintwork, brickwork, fences outside etc are all brand new, while inside is freshly decorated and new fixtures and fittings installed, plus a new heating system, so there should be no worries about repairs ore renewing finishes etc for years to come. Newer materials have come a long way too such as scrubbable paint and self-cleaning glass which all contributes to keeping maintenance to a minimum. 

A blank canvas 

The big appeal for lots of people with a new build is that you are the first owner. No one else has lived there before, it is brand new and pristine. No one has put their stamp on it before you so it really is a blank canvas that you can do exactly as you like with. Luxuries such as a home gym or cinema room are more of a possibility than in an older house, especially if you have some say in the design. Often with a new build you can choose the house’s fixtures and fittings, kitchen doors, tiles etc. 

Flexible living 

Our properties choices are now influenced by the change in flexible working and living. We are looking for versatile, multi-functional space within our homes offering room for a home office and more sociable spaces, too. Older properties are not configured for modern living, but new builds really capitalise on this with a more open plan, flowing layout. A new build can often also offer great features such as smart home tech, good broadband, roomy kitchen-dining spaces and second or third bathrooms. Buyers are also wanting an area that’s family friendly offering good schools, local amenities and transport links nearby for the ultimate work/life balance and flexibility. 

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Outdoor space 

Prioritising wellbeing has become an important aspect of modern living, so it is important to have an outdoor space, even just a small patio garden or BBQ area. Access to green space nearby is also important for a lot of buyers, somewhere they can walk the dog, relax or exercise. 

In summary 

A new build house is exactly that: brand new which has huge appeal to many people. It is easier to buy as there is no chain and the property will be covered by a warranty from the NHBC (National House Building Council) usually for a period of 10 years, which means you are covered for problems that may arise with the build. 

For all these reasons, you can see why new build properties are such a popular option for house buyers. 

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