How to Save Energy and Reduce Household Bills

No one likes to waste money, but that’s what can be happening right under our noses if our homes aren’t as energy efficient as they could be. Here are some ways to save both energy and money where we live:

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Install a Hot Water Circulation Pump

Running the tap for ages, wasting gallons while you wait for the water to get hot should be a thing of the past. Modern hot water circulation pumps are an efficient way to ensure you have immediate hot water coming through your taps. Installing something like a hot water pump from Complete Pump Supplies can be very affordable and efficient, saving money in the long run with their low energy consumption whilst simultaneously improving your hot water supply and central heating.

Time for a New Boiler?

Think about whether it is time to upgrade your boiler. If your model pre-dates 2005 it won’t be as energy efficient. A modern boiler can save you ££s but you need to choose the right type for your demands – a regular boiler, or a combi boiler might suit you best. There are often deals to be had over the warmer months so shop around. There’s also plenty of information to help you decide on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Consider Solar Panels

You have no doubt spotted houses around your neighbourhood with solar panels on their roofs. These home owners have been very savvy because after the initial investment (sometimes subsidised by a grant) they are a great way to generate low cost energy. If it’s something you’ve not looked into before, but you are keen to save on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint, then perhaps it’s worth investigating.

Get a Smart Meter

A smart meter is a great way to help you keep track of the energy consumption in your home, in real time (no more estimated bills, no need for anyone to come and read the meter). As well as providing up to date usage information and costs, with smart controls you can even heat only the rooms you are using and switch the central heating on and off via a mobile app while you are away from the house.

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Be More Mindful

Quite simply this means getting into the habit of not leaving taps running, remembering to switch off lights off you don’t need, not boiling a full kettle of water if you only want a cupful, putting a lid on cooking pans and turning down the heat. It’s also things like giving young siblings a shared bath instead of filling the tub twice, turning the thermostat down a few degrees on your central heating, drying washing on a line outside instead of using a tumble dryer, using energy saving light bulbs etc etc… there are lots of ways you can be more mindful when it comes to energy consumption. These are all good, practical ideas to instill into your kids so they grow up being energy aware.

Do you have any more good tips to add? Please leave a comment!

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