Which Flowers Will Give Your Interior & Mood A Boost?

We are in the middle of the most beautiful season of the year: spring! The wave of flowers this time of year brings with it can give your interior some colour and your mood a boost of energy. But which will you choose? Check out these eye-catchers:


Family: Ranunculaceae (Ranunculus family)

It’s the time of the delphinium again: the romantic plume we can’t get enough of. They come in 250 different types in all shades. Delphinium is Latin for “dolphin”: exactly what the buds of this bright blue plume of flowers resemble – with a little imagination. They are also sometimes referred to as Larkspurs; a reference to the rear protruding parts of the flower. They look a bit like the spurs knights used to wear on their boots. A real eye-catcher in your vase, with which you can transform any room into the place of your dreams. Tip: make sure that the Delphinium has a place in the shade, because with a little sun this flower can quickly go limp. Change the water regularly and cut a small piece off the stem. If necessary, remove the wilted flowers so that all the energy goes to the rest of the stem. 

You can send these beautiful letterbox flowers to a friend or a romance. These pretty pink roses make everyone happy. Who are you making happy?!


Family: Paeoniaceae

An absolute favourite of flower lovers all over the world: the beautiful peony. The plant only flowers once a year, and then also very briefly – most varieties are only spotted in May and June. If a flower is cut off the plant, a new flower will not be replaced until the following year. The peony also blooms short but vigorously in your vase: the flower can grow up to 15 to 20 centimetres and it will remain beautiful for about five days. Peonies produce natural sugars, which form a layer around the bud. That is why the flowers sometimes have some difficulty in opening. Do you want to lend them a hand? Hold the still closed bud upside down under a gentle jet of lukewarm water to rinse off the sticky layer without the water flowing between the leaves. This way your flower can bloom optimally. 

Dried flowers

What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are exactly that – dried to be preserved, but other objects can also be added to a bouquet when dried. Think of grains, fruits, twigs, leaves, pine cones, bark, etc. Dried grasses, grains and flowers have that classic and romantic look that you can use to create endless beautiful designs. Think of lushly bound stems as a field bouquet or a herbarium with pressed flowers. Popular stems to use include roses, gypsophila or cortaderia, a graceful plume. Dried flowers can become a lasting memory, for example as a gift for a loved one. In short: not only trendy, but also sustainable!

You can send dried flowers as letterbox gifts. A solid and sustainable way of packaging. Sustainability means offering eco-friendly products, minimizing the impact on the environment and being transparent about the green objectives within BloomPost.

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