Want to spend more time outdoors in 2021? Try some of these

Whether you’ve already decided your New Year’s resolutions, or you’re still struggling to find something that you will willingly commit to – why not consider trying to spend more time outdoors in 2021?

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2020 has been filled with angst and time spent indoors, so come the new year you may be ready to dust off your boots and get outdoors. But what activities can you do by yourself or with others? Read on for some inspiration.


Walking or hiking is probably the easiest activity to do if you want to get outdoors, without needing to splash out on extra equipment. With a sturdy pair of shoes or walking boots, you can explore to your heart’s content – why not try an easy trail in your local area before researching more challenging walks to do.

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You can walk with your own thoughts or invite friends and family. Either way, breathing fresh air and spending time in nature can be a great way to distance yourself from working life and tedious routines. Furthermore, walking is a great way to stay fit and has a multitude of other health benefits.


If you want to stay a bit closer to home, gardening is a great option to connect with nature and get you outdoors more often. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced grower, gardening is a great way to relieve stress and take your mind off other worries in your life.

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You can try your hand at growing vegetables or just plant shrubs and bulbs that will flower in the spring. You may find the process of researching tips and tricks to help your garden flourish or learning how to avoid weeds with ground cover really sparks an interest that you never knew you had. Whatever you choose to grow, gardening is a great way to commit yourself to spending more time outdoors.

Wildlife watching

If you enjoy learning about nature, wildlife watching may be a great option for you. You can pick up a book or do some research online, before finding your nearest nature reserve. Whether you’re looking out for birds, mammals or insects, wildlife watching will bring you closer to nature and is a brilliant way to spend time with your family and friends.

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These are just a few simple ways that you can spend more time outdoors come January. Getting more involved in nature should give you a welcome break from the indoors and may give you a new hobby to explore in 2021.

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