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Why choose to have chickens in the garden?

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Pets are great fun to have around and many people enjoy owning them because of the joy they bring.  However, depending on your circumstances it’s not always possible to keep a pet, for example if you live in rented accommodation or you are out at work all day and your pet would be alone for long periods of time.

This is when people often seek an alternative pet – one that is fun to look after, helps cheer you up, is funny to watch, but also easy to maintain and look after.  Which is why chickens are such good pets to own!  They’re entertaining and simple to care for, without needing constant attention and maintenance.  They are quite a quirky choice of pet, too – not what people would consider ‘the norm’, so they can be a great talking point!

Although chickens are easy to look after, they still require a few necessities in order for them to live healthily and happily in a safe and suitable environment.  To start with, it is important to purchase a good quality chicken run or house as this will be their home and sanctuary; a place to sleep at night, keep dry and warm and be protected from any predators, with perches to roost on and quiet, enclosed nest boxes for laying eggs in.

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When purchasing a coop or run (or both) make sure they meet the birds’ requirements by being spacious enough to house the number of birds you want to have.  You’ll also need a few other items such as cleaning products, bedding, food and feeding equipment, so that when you come to get your feathery friends you are well stocked up and prepared.

Once you have got your chickens settled within your new chicken coop you are ready to go on your chicken owning journey!  But there are some responsibilities to remember, so follow these simple steps when caring for your chickens:

  • Let the chickens out early every morning and give them fresh food and water for the day (making sure to remember that a laying hen usually needs around 500ml of water a day)
  • In the evening, simply collect your lovely fresh eggs (usually they will each lay one a day) and clear away food as they don’t need to eat during the night.  Shut the chickens into their house to keep them safe overnight!
  • Clean out the coop once a week by quickly emptying out the bedding, food and droppings and lay down new bedding for the chickens in order to maintain their comfort and cleanliness
  • Give the chicken coop a monthly scrub with a suitable disinfectant to keep parasites away
  • Give the feeder and drinker a regular wash

As you can see it’s simple, easy and fun to do!  Just keep an eye on their general health and regular worming is advised by the RSPCA.

Of course one of the main advantages of owning chickens is the fresh eggs!  Children especially love to collect them and, whether scrambled, fried, boiled or poached, there is nothing better than sitting down to a breakfast of perfectly cooked eggs from you own chickens.   Fresh and nutritious, having your own egg supply will also save a bit off the shopping bill.  Plus you know exactly where they have come from, when they were laid and have the added reassurance that they have come from a happy environment.

keeping chickens at home

Overall chickens are wonderful and easy pets to own and look after with quirky personalities and just a little maintenance required.  So if you are considering becoming a chicken owner, treat them well by providing a chicken house that’s of a good standard – and one company which is highly recommend for the purchase of such chicken houses is Fishers Woodcrafts.  With their combined 58 years’ experience in the manufacture of timber framed buildings, all coops and runs are cost effective as well as very strong, reliable, and good quality – able to fully meet the chickens requirements.

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