DIY Ideas This Autumn to Make Your Home Ready for Winter

Electric radiatorHard to believe as it may be, another summer is once again saying its annual goodbyes. Which as far as most of us are concerned means the inevitability of another dark, damp and cold winter in typical UK style!

Still, get your home winter-prepped before the big freeze arrives and your reward will be a season of warm and cosy days and nights. So while the mild weather may be holding out for the time being, there’s no time like the present to get stuck into a little pre-winter DIY.

Window Coverings

For example, given the fact that most heat escapes the average home through its windows, it really just makes sense to think about covering them a little more effectively. Whether it’s thicker curtains, an extra set of curtains, nets or anything else you can think of, every barrier you create against the cold is a good thing. And if your home is fitted with single-glazed windows, working with window coverings comes even more highly recommended.

Draught Reduction

It’s not until you actually set out looking for draughts around the home that you realise just how many there probably are. Around every window and external door alike, there’s a strong likelihood that small gaps are robbing you of precious heat by allowing cold air to blow freely into your home. On the plus side, all you’ll need to sort the problem out is a set of weather strips, which can be picked up cheaply and applied with ease.

Additional Heating

When it comes to heating the rooms of your home used more than others during the winter, a slimline digital electric radiator ticks all the right boxes. Far more economical than running the central heating and an elegant addition to any room, these sleek, safe and ultra-modern devices can increase comfort while reducing energy bills. They’re also a doddle to install anywhere around the home.

Rugs and Throws

While it might not quite qualify as DIY in the traditional sense, adding a few rugs and throws to the rooms of your home really can make a huge difference. If you have hard floors in particular, rugs can add a sense of cosiness while keeping feet warm and reducing the need to crank up the heating. And the more blankets you have around the place to wrap up in, the better!

Bleed Radiators

Actually, you might want to think about giving your home heating system in general a bit of a once-over, assuming it hasn’t been in use for several months now. Even if it means calling in a plumber to give your boiler a quick health check, it could make a huge difference when it’s time to fire it up once again.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Last but not least, just as soon as it’s time to shut off those cooling summer ceiling fans, it’s also time to start running them in reverse. It’s a simple tip that so many still aren’t following, but by running your fans gently in reverse, you’ll ensure that all that nice warm air collecting toward the ceiling is transferred back down to where you can actually feel it. Check if your fans have a reverse setting, and if they do, use it!

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