3 of the Best Quick, Easy & Affordable Flooring Solutions


Sometimes you need a quick fix in the home.  It might come down to lack of time, lack of resources, or you are simply after a quick facelift or a temporary option until you can do that dream makeover you long for ultimately.  Perhaps an appliance has leaked and damaged the floor in your kitchen, or you want to create a more workable area in your garage.  If the floor in one of your rooms is looking shabby and letting down the rest of the space, read on for my top three quick and easy – as well as cost effective – flooring solutions when you need a floor fix in a hurry:


I only came across this product recently; R-Tiles from R-Tek are a really innovative and practical flooring solution.  Budget friendly and quick and easy to install, they are a versatile, inter-locking tile ideal for domestic purposes.  In a choice of 10 modern colours, they feature hidden joins and have the appearance of a ceramic floor tile, although they are actually made from a flexible PVC which is comfortable under foot and anti-slip.  What I like about them is that they can go straight over a damp or dusty floor with little preparation required – so no damp proof, screed or adhesives needed.  They are also easy to take up again and be re-used as required.  They are also fire retardant and easy to clean, plus you can choose from various finishes such as slate, leather grain and studded (below), which looks rather like Lego, making it ideal in a playroom!


Floor Paint

Floor paint, as we discovered recently, can be quite transforming and suitable for a number of floor surfaces, such as wood or concrete.  With no fuss, all-in-one kits available such as the Ronseal Perfect Finish Diamond Hard floor paint like we used, there is an applicator included which makes it quick and easy to apply – and gives great results as we found out when we tried it in our son’s bedroom recently – you can see the post here.  Whereas with a floor varnish you need a half decent floor to start with, floorpaint covers imperfections really well and we were pleased with how quickly it dried and the resulting finish.


Vinyl Flooring

Another option we have tried and been impressed with is simple vinyl flooring.  Particularly good in a small space where you can often buy a cheap off-cut, vinyl flooring can be fitted by yourself and is a convenient way to hide a grotty floor.  It has the added advantage of being easy to clean, so is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.  We used it in our downstairs loo which is a very compact space.  Hygienic too, it gives a seamless look in our small space, helping to give the illusion of a larger floor area than there actually is.  A modern solution which we can easily update in the future when we fancy a change.

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