Painted floorboards using Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint

floorboardsRegular readers here will have seen the makeover we gave our teenage son’s bedroom recently.  We were really pleased with the room’s more grown up look, as was Alex – luckily.  But the one thing we didn’t get sorted then was his floor, but I’m happy to report we’ve now painted it and it was easy and straightforward to do.

Having ripped out the old beige carpet to expose the floorboards, we liked the way they added some more character to his loft-style bedroom.  But they looked a bit shabby and I didn’t fancy having to sand, stain and varnish them.  I also wanted a more contemporary finish, so painted floorboards were the way to go and Ronseal have worked with us on this project by sending some of their Perfect Finish Diamond Hard Floorpaint.  In the perfect urban colour – slate grey, we couldn’t wait to get started.

bare boards

However, first off there was a bit of preparation to do.  Luckily, the floorboards, being in their natural state, only required a mop clean and my husband, Paul removed any staples and hammered in any nails that were standing proud.  We also watched the handy Ronseal video which shows you how to apply the floorpaint:

The system is really user friendly – your tub of paint comes with a tray to pour the paint into, then you assemble the pole and Perfect Finish pad and you’re ready to start.


As the video recommends, dip the applicator into the paint, draw it across the edge of the tub to remove any excess and then apply it to the floor, pulling it smoothly towards you.

This was the first coat, which went on quickly, much more so than it would have by brush (5x as quick according to Ronseal):

floorpaint close up

After doing the whole floor, we left it overnight and then did a second coat.  We left it for a further couple of days to fully cure, before putting anything heavy onto the floor – just in case.floorboards2

So far, it both looks great and seems extremely tough and durable.  It has a lovely smooth satin finish which is neither too matt nor too shiny.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this product for anyone who likes the look of painted floorboards, or who wants a quick and easy floor update as you can apply it to concrete and stone floors as well as wood.  Of course, if you are going over previously waxed or varnished wood, you would need to sand the surface before painting, but for untreated boards like ours, or previously painted ones, you could get cracking straight away and see a big transformation in next to no time.

Thank you to Ronseal for providing their Diamond Hard Floor Paint, look out for some more projects where we’ll be trying the paint in a couple of different shades – next up, Pebblestone on our staircase!

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