Karcher Rain Box Review

Easy Garden Irrigation with the Kärcher Rain Box


It is fair to say the weather this summer so far has been mixed.  But although it hasn’t been wall to wall sunshine, we’ve had some hot days and it’s easy for plants in the garden to dry out quite quickly.  If, like me, you find watering them (and remembering to in the first place) a bit of a faff, an irrigation system can be a great way to keep those garden plants topped up with a regular drink.  Especially where new plants or seedlings are getting established, when they require a good, regular watering.

Also invaluable when you go away and can’t be on hand to tend to your plants, the Kärcher Rain Box is an ideal kit for delivering water economically.  As a brand ambassador for Kärcher, we were recently sent a Kärcher Rain Box to put to the test in our suburban garden.

karcher rain box

The Rain Box consists of a comprehensive assortment of everything you need to set up the system including a tap connector, couplings, hoses, drip collars and spikes.  No tools were required to install it and the system probably took about half an hour to set up.

Karcher set up

Karcher Rain Box


The drip collars included in the Kärcher Rain Box can be attached simply at intervals where you require them along the Kärcher Rain System hose.  Featuring a built in spike, you simply push them into the hose and fasten them, then their water jets can be directed and adjusted as desired.

Karcher drip

The second hose is an adjustable soaker hose which is made of a porous fabric that drips evenly over the entire length.  It can be placed discreetly around and behind bushes and plants:

Karcher soaker hose

soaker hose

Running with up to 4 bar pressure, the Kärcher Rain Box System is suitable for any garden space as it can be individually adapted to suit your needs.  It works perfectly with the SensoTimer for ultimate watering control and although we don’t have a timer on our system, we have found it to be a great addition to the garden. Not something we would necessarily have thought of getting, but now it is set up all we have to do is turn the garden tap and it quietly replenishes the water to our plants; it is certainly nice not to have to think about getting the watering can out!

Karcher irrigation system

Karcher irrigation

You can check out all the features and benefits here of the Kärcher Rain Box here and also take a look at this video which demonstrates very clearly the setting up of a system:

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