3 Simple Ways To Inject Personality Into Your Decor

If you adore your humble abode, but feel that it’s lacking a little bit of personality, it’s time to allow your creativity to run wild. Minimalism is great for singletons and neat freaks, but for anyone who has toddlers running around or who struggle to keep everything in its place, white walls and a cream carpet simply doesn’t cut it. You want to forget about all things bland and go for decor that matches your style a little more. To foster your own vibe within your home, you need to employ some of these simple techniques to create a home that is as unique as you.

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Many people opt for the bog-standard laminate flooring if they want something resilient and easy to keep clean. However, this is also a generic and boring option. Instead, why not check out the latest V4 Wood Flooring, that comes in a range of styles and grains. This real hardwood flooring is easy to lay and has a look to suit everyone. If you’re after the traditional and chic look, a herringbone parquet may suit. If you prefer something a little more modern, an alpine grey oak could be more to your liking.

If you’d prefer carpet, don’t go for the biscuit or oatmeal shade. Think about looking into pattern a little more to inject some personality into your living space. Plaids and pinstripes are making a huge comeback and can make even the smallest of rooms look infinitely bigger.


The easiest way to inject some personality into your room is to give it a focal point. These features draw the eye and can be wholly unique to your pad. In your living room, consider installing that old Victorian fireplace that you picked up at the reclamation yard. These fireplaces with their ornate tiled surrounds and hearths are cheaper than their modern equivalents and add a touch of grandeur to your home.

In your kitchen, think about the sort of appliances that you want. If you have a country shaker style kitchen, think about installing an Aga. These wonderful cooking devices look incredible and can be a real focal point of your room. Alternatively, opt for a large Belfast style sink or go for some stunning original slate tiling for your floor.


Many people opt for an off-white hue for all of the walls in their house. This couldn’t be any more drab. Instead, mix it up a little bit with some colour. Have a wall in each room that enjoys some on-trend damson or terracotta shades. If you love wallpaper, why not opt for some replica 1960s geometric bold patterned rolls? Feature walls draw the eye and add interest to any space. These walls can be the starting point for your decor design. Add a range of textures and colours within the soft furnishings adorning your bedroom and living areas. Injecting colour and exciting fabrics can lift any room.

Forget about following the crowd or going minimalist because everyone else is. Go for decor that you love, that reflects your personality.

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