No Holiday This Summer? Here Is How to Turn Your Home Into a Sunny Paradise

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If you had to cancel that family summer trip to Spain or Greece this year, you are not the only one. While borders are starting to reopen, travel restrictions have begun to be lifted, and airlines are resuming most flights, most families and couples are still skeptical about the level of safety of a trip abroad. However, not all hope is lost! With the tips below, you can turn your house into a private, sun-kissed paradise from which to enjoy your summer. 

Let the Natural Light In

In winter, windows are those appliances that are ever only mentioned when someone left one open, and a cold draft has made its way through your cosy living room. However, in summer, they take on a whole new meaning. While not all houses or flats are blessed with sliding or bay windows, you can make the most out of small openings or awning windows. 

Start by swapping the heavy drapes you have used in winter to make the atmosphere cosier and warmer. Instead, install light double curtains that allow you to enjoy as much natural light and ventilation as possible during the day while shielding you from the early morning sunshine.

Summer is also an excellent time of the year to install new windows. While you might have coped just fine in the past with your old frames, you now understand better the advantages of strong, durable, and versatile appliances. In this case, aluminium frames could be an ideal choice for your project. Indeed, these windows can give your home a modern, sleek look that will last for years to come.

Make the Most Out of Your Garden

For how small, a garden can make for the perfect summer retreat – and you don’t even have to go far from your home! However, after the winter months, it might require a little makeover to be enjoyed to the fullest. This can also be an excellent occasion to learn more about gardening and spend some quality time with your family. 

To create the ideal summer-ready garden, start by decluttering it. Once you have cleared it of old plant pots, weeds, and leaves, you can have a clearer picture of what you are working with and what space you have available. Then, you can create a more precise design that will allow you to decorate it smartly. 

Creating decking and paths along the garden might be inexpensive additions but can easily increase the livability of your garden. 

Invest in BBQ Facilities

Pubs and bars will reopen soon, but nothing can beat a midsummer evening BBQ with your closest friends. Now that you have gotten your garden ready for summer make sure you are making the most of it. Adding a dining table, benches, and chairs allow you to live in your newly-designed space all day long. 

However, no garden can be complete without BBQ facilities. While these might require you to invest in equipment that you had not planned on buying, it can be a solution to enjoy any summer evening, regardless of what social-distancing measures are in place. 

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Upcycle Furniture

While the quarantine has given us all a chance to catch up with jobs we did not have time to complete before and focus on a new personal chance, it has also affected the finances of many individuals and families. While redecorating your horse to create a happy place to live this summer is paramount, you might not be too willing to tap into your savings for it. 

However, with a little inventiveness and craft, you can upcycle older pieces of furniture and turn them into beautiful additions for your garden, garage, kitchen, or even bedrooms. Find out how to upcycle an outdoor table here.

Create a Space for Yourself

While you might have created unforgettable memories with your family during the past months, it is undeniable that we all need a little time for ourselves. On holiday, you might book a spa or massage session to tend your body and mind. However, if these seem far-away dreams to you right now, create a personal corner in your home to design a little, perfectly crafted retreat for yourself. 

Make sure it has everything you might need to look after your own wellbeing. A yoga mat and a journal to start planning your upcoming project are part of the essentials! However, make sure the corner you have picked also benefits from natural light and enough ventilation. These are crucial features, especially if you are planning to use the same area as your home office as well. 

Bring Nature Indoors

Even if you have opted for a more minimalist approach for your home decor, the charm and benefits of bringing natural elements indoors are undeniable. Of course, adding a plant or two, especially in windowless rooms – can help you purify the air and increase indoor air quality. They are also beautiful additions to your decor. 

However, you can go a little further than that and use natural and neutral tones that remind you of the outdoors. Opt for furniture made of natural materials, such as wood or bamboo. Instead, in terms of colours, opt for yellow, blue, brown, green, beige, and any other hue in between.  

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Private Spa

Bathrooms are not the first room that comes in mind when deciding to turn your home into a more summer-friendly space. However, if you think of it, this is where you spend a consistent amount of time every morning and evening. Even more importantly, this is the space where you look after yourself!

Start by changing up the lighting to make sure you can have clear visibility when applying your makeup. However, you should also be able to dim the lights and enjoy a refreshing bath at the end of your hard day at work! Don’t forget to add plants to keep the air quality high and healthy. To do so, tropical plants that cope well with high levels of humidity and poor lighting conditions work best.

Dedicate Yourself to a DIY Project

Now that there is enough time available to dedicate yourself to the tasks that you never had time for in the past don’t miss out on this opportunity. Aside from giving you the chance to remodel a room affordably, they can also help you enjoy that space more in the coming months. 

Additionally, by involving your other half and little ones, you can craft some precious quality time out of your projects. If you are not an expert in DIY techniques, make sure to start with something simpler at first to familiarize yourself with tools and approaches. Then, the sky’s the limit!

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Hammocks Are Not Just for Outdoors

Hammocks are the most iconic symbol of holidays, exotic places, and relaxing time. In every home, there is at least a several-years-old hammock that is waiting to be hung again. While you might not be able to set it up between palm trees this year, any tree or solid pole will do. Alternatively, you could invest in a specific hammock structure or between posts. In any case, a little inventiveness will help you get your hammocks up in no time and enjoy one of the best addition to a summer-ready garden or porch.

Take Up Minimalism

Even if you love collecting items, pieces of furniture, or decorative details, filling up your home with unnecessary appliances and items will reduce the amount of space you can enjoy this summer. Indeed, now that you are planning on spending most of your free time in your home don’t miss out on the chance of creating airier, more spacious places that won’t feel stuffy. The same principle applies to your wardrobe!

If you are interested in this challenge for yourself, don’t think of it as something that will cause you to throw away your dearest memories and favourite dresses. Instead, understanding what the items you can easily do without are and limiting your new purchases can be a kind act towards your home, livable space, and wallet.

Wallpapers Could Be the Quick-Fix You Needed

Summer is a synonym of colours! Aside from filling your kitchen with fresh, colourful fruits and vegetables, you can spice up even the rooms that are bland or monotone with new wallpaper. Today, you can find an endless range on the market; you will only need to pick the wallpaper theme that works best for your needs. 

Move Your Home Office and Find Inspiration

Whether you have been enjoying working from home or you still need a little longer to adapt to this new lifestyle fully, this trend might not leave us too soon. So, make sure you craft the perfect home office into your home now. This should benefit from plenty of natural light and ventilation. Ideally, you should strive to find the most inspiring corner of the house for this!

Bottom Line

Turning your home into a space that you can enjoy every day of summer can take a little inventiveness. However, you can involve your whole family in the project and reward yourself with a BBQ in your newly-styled garden!

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