Industry Focus: The Top 4 Most Sought After Commercial Cleaning Jobs

Commercial cleaning is an industry with incredible growth in today’s market. The recent market changes certainly make affordable cleaning services more appealing, especially to business owners. There are also plenty of opportunities to enter the industry now that the entry barrier is relatively low. Needless to say, a commercial cleaning business such as ThinkFM is an opportunity worth exploring.

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Before starting your own commercial cleaning business, however, you have to gain a better understanding of the market. While entry to the industry is easy, the industry itself is very competitive. You have to be able to identify the opportunities to seize and provide valuable services to clients. When it comes to commercial cleaning jobs, for example in cities like Melbourne, these are the most sought-after.

Bathroom Cleaning

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Despite the growing demand for office and hard surface floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning is still the most sought-after commercial cleaning job in the city. Commercial buildings and office spaces tend to have multiple bathrooms that need to be cleaned regularly, which is why demand for this type of services is always high.

As an answer to that demand, more companies are specialising in bathroom cleaning, offering services like deep cleaning and providing value-added services such as repair and maintenance. Some cleaning companies even go as far as offering bathroom supplies as part of their retainers. As mentioned before, it is a competitive market.

General Cleaning

Next, we have general cleaning. General cleaning may seem simple from the outside, but it is actually a complex service line-up once you get to know the business. Cleaning a commercial area or an office space is never as easy as it seems. In fact, the best commercial cleaners offering this type of service are those going the extra mile.

Fortunately, demand for general cleaning is also incredibly high. Businesses are shying away from doing cleaning and maintenance in-house due to the higher overhead cost associated with these tasks. That means there are more opportunities to seize. The real challenge is proving that your new business is capable of providing quality services to clients.

Window Washing

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Speaking of convincing clients to use the services that you offer, the same challenge is also faced by a lot of new businesses entering the window washing industry. Once again, you have to develop credibility, invest in the right tools and supplies, and develop window washing specialists to maintain the quality of your services. Do it right, however, and there are plenty of commercial cleaning jobs to pursue.

Window washing is in high demand, particularly in cities. The majority of top cleaning services centre around window washing services for large buildings – or at least provide this type of service to clients.

Carpet Cleaning

We really cannot talk about the most sought-after cleaning jobs without talking about carpet cleaning. This is not only one of the most demanded cleaning services in the city, but also the one with the highest repetition. If your new business is capable of delivering quality services in this area, you are looking at a stunning growth.

Carpet cleaning is not without its challenges. Hydro-cleaning is the latest (and most popular) technique used by top-rated commercial cleaners. It is a technology that cleans carpets well without the usual complications or issues like dust build-ups. The only downside is that you have to invest in capable hydro-cleaning equipment to get started.


Last but not least, we have growing demand for sterilisation and decontamination of commercial areas. The health risks associated with not maintaining sufficient hygiene around the workplace are too high to ignore. More and more companies are investing in sterilisation and decontamination to make sure that their offices are clean and safe.

There are multiple ways to sanitise a commercial space. Spraying disinfectant and doing thorough cleaning afterwards are the conventional steps to take in order to eliminate the aforementioned risks. Newer technologies like sterilisation through vapour are also becoming more popular, although they are more effective when used in smaller spaces.

Getting Started

Regardless of the kind of commercial cleaning services you want to offer, the opportunities are there to pursue. The market for cleaning services is expanding and there are plenty of businesses to go around. The market growth is also very promising, so you can expect your business to find new opportunities for years to come.

The low entry barrier should not trick you into thinking that this is an easy business to run. Commercial cleaning clients rely on credibility, reliability, reputation, and quality of service when choosing a service provider to work with. You have to start building these components as soon as you enter the market in order to secure long-term growth.

Everything else is easy from there. With careful marketing and attention to customers’ happiness, you can earn any of these highly sought-after cleaning jobs in cities from London to Melbourne.

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