Fontanot staircase


Fontanot staircase

When choosing the right staircase for your house or apartment you must consider the style, the space, the materials. There are lots of possibilities. If living in a small home, you might find it difficult to decide what type of staircase will fit better because of the lack of space.

There are some useful staircase ideas that can inspire you, designs that will show you how to make the most of all the elements of your apartment. These tips are based on the designs by Fontanot, professionals in saving space. Take a look at their website ( for examples and interesting design proposals.


If you don’t have enough space for a straight staircase, the perfect alternative is a spiral one. It will definitely help you save a lot of space in your home. This type of staircase is eyecatching and quite unique and also very beautiful. The design of a spiral staircase adds some movement to the decor; soft waves of style. If you are looking for a contemporary design, a spiral staircase is the perfect option because of its combination of functionality and aesthetics.

You can even build a spiral staircase on the outside. For instance, you might need to connect your second floor directly with your garden or maybe create a modern access to your roof.


Finding the perfect staircase for rooms with reduced space is challenging. Luckily, there are some useful and functional designs of compact staircases that can help you maximise your floor space.

For example, there are some where the space between each step has been reduced significantly. By re-shaping the steps those designs can take up less space without compromising your safety.

Think how to fill every inch of space. Use the space under the stairs to place objects or even pieces of furniture.


Think outside of the box. Not every staircase must be attached to the wall. The first step doesn’t have to be part of the staircase, either. You can even base the design of your staircase around favourite pieces of furniture, so that it mixes with the surrounding materials and decor perfectly.

What’s more, not every staircase has to be obvious. Play with the elements and build a staircase so light and minimal that it forms part of the decoration.  Think of an open plan home and choose a staircase with open steps and balustrade that allows light to pass through.

As you can see, good design and functionality are the keys to saving space in your home. Find inspiration everywhere, break the rules and ask professionals for their best ideas.

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