Divan with Drawers

Storage Beds: For Maximising Space Without Compromising on Style


We’ve all heard excuses from our kids or even made them ourselves from time to time to make justifications for the chaos of clutter in our private spaces.

“My room isn’t messy. I’ve just set up obstacles for burglars”

“My room doesn’t need tidying – it’s a museum and everything is on display”

And, a favourite, “no one will see it anyway”.

Whether it’s piles of freshly ironed laundry on a chair or a leaning tower of books by the side of your bed, there could be a simple storage solution to hide your bits and bobs away out of sight, without needing to take a load of beloved belongings to the local charity shop.

Forget bulky extra cupboards and explore the many kinds of storage beds on offer. This integrated bedroom storage can be a life saver.

For Adults: Master Mayhem

Let’s start with some simple storage solutions for us grownups first.

Divan with Drawers

Divans with drawers

You’ve probably heard about divan beds with drawers before. These are the most common kind of storage bed and come with up to four drawers depending on the style and size of bed you choose.

These shallow yet wide drawers are ideals for shoes, bedding or towels, and items can easily be retrieved whenever you need them.


If you don’t have the extra space in your bedroom to pull out a drawer or would prefer hidden storage, then why not opt for an ottoman instead?

These hinged beds open vertically to reveal storage space in their base and, when closed, you’d never know it was any different from a basic box base. These are ideal to store rarely needed items like out-of-season clothing or nostalgic pieces, like your children’s old cuddly toys you can’t bear to throw away.

The All in One

For making the very most of every square inch, go all out!

Ottoman Bed

A TV ottoman bed has side hinges and when lifted provides plenty of hidden storage space in its base. Then for something a little special, that will make any lazy Sunday morning blissful… lie down and press a remote button to see your television rise from the bottom of the slay bed.

But wait, what happens if you need to plug in a sky box or DVD player? No problem. These beds have a dedicated compartment in the side of the base, so all your cables and boxes will fit seamlessly into the frame.

For Kids: Bunks, Stations and Stairs

When it comes to kids’ beds, you have many more options. But variety is the spice of life, so you’re sure to find the ideal bed for your little’s one bedroom, however big they’re getting. So, what will you choose? A single version of the beds listed above, or one of the following?

Bunk Beds

Bunks have long been a favourite among parents for their ability to fit two kids in one room comfortably when the family is growing quicker than you can move house, and children love them because, well… sleeping up high is ‘cool’.

However, over the years, many parents have found it hard to create personal storage space for each of their children in a shared room. Not anymore! There are now so many wonderful variants on the basic bunk bed frame.

From drawers in a stylish side staircase to a shelf along the side of the bed, kids can now keep their precious keepsakes close at hand, hopefully meaning less teary nights for you to handle.

Sleep stations and cabins

Sleep Stations and Cabins

These raised beds aren’t quite as tall as a bunk, but are still a great choice for making the most of the floor space you have. Rather than a second bed underneath, sleep stations come in a variety of different storage variants. From drawers and shelves, to half height wardrobes and even pull out desks, there are a myriad of options at your fingertips.

Whatever sleep solution you choose, there’s no need to compromise on style. Strong and sturdy, yet beautifully designed, storage beds are now just as beautifully made as the basic frame or divan. So, sit back and relax. You just simply have to decide what you’re going to store in them.

Thanks to Happy Beds for the opportunity to collaborate.  

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