Why Bifold Doors are a Good Option for Your Home

Are bifold doors a feature you’ve ever considered and coveted for your home?

bifold door

Contemporary and practical, they are great for making a room feel brighter and bigger and the ideal way to bring the outdoors in. Here are some more reasons you may consider investing in bifold doors:

They add modern luxury

If you are renovating or extending your home, creating a swish living area, family room or open plan dining/kitchen demands a more imaginative approach these days. A traditional window or bog standard back door won’t make the grade; instead, include a unique feature window, a glass door or stunning row of bifold doors. Bifold doors in particular can enhance a home beautifully, both inside and out, adding an element of modern, aspirational living. If you want your home to have a wow factor, it makes sense to choose bifold doors.

They are low maintenance

With a quality supplier, such as Smarts Bifold Doors, you can rest assured that your bifolds are rarely likely to need any maintenance or attention. Featuring top of the range German engineering, these designs will open and close smoothly and easily and provide safety features to avoid trapped fingers. If you opt for aluminium doors over uPVC or wooden bifolds, you won’t have the same worries about distortion and movement, due to temperature and weather changes. Aluminium is strong and durable. Also, unlike traditional wooden doors and window frames, you won’t need to paint them. They can come in many different contemporary colours – popular choices are Anthracite Grey, White and Black which will stay modern looking for a long time. But there are hundreds of RAL colours to choose from if you want something more bespoke (just bear in mind they may take a little longer and cost a little more to produce).

They are versatile

Providing a nice continuation from the indoor to outdoor space, bifold doors offer an easy connection to the garden. The degree of flexibility and ease of access is unrivalled. They make day to day living simple and effortless; kids can come and go as they play, pets can wander in and out, you can take your coffee outside for 5 minutes, or eat your lunch alfresco, unhindered by doors and handles as you carry a tray or your laptop with you. And with our typically inclement weather you have the best of both worlds, opening them wide on a fine day, or staying cosy and warm behind the glass when the weather turns, but still able to enjoy the view.

Another point about versatility; don’t assume that bi-fold doors are for open plan kitchen/diners only. It may be the way they tend to get presented in magazines and on TV renovation shows, but  they can be fabulous when designed into a living room, a ground floor bedroom or in an apartment leading onto a balcony. Because they can be custom built to your requirements, you could even incorporate them into an outbuilding, such as a standalone home office or garden room. Don’t be contained by convention – use your imagination!

They are energy efficient

In these times when we’re a lot more eco aware, it’s good to know that bifold doors featuring double or even triple glazing can really improve your home’s efficiency. They’re ideal all year round and even in winter, when you may not open them much, they keep the house warm, noise out and allow lots of natural light to flood into the home. If you’re worried about glare, they can be fitted with solar glass panels and you can also have blinds incorporated inside the glazed units if you wish, to keep the sun out and provide you with some privacy.

After reading this, are you more ready than ever too install bi-fold doors in your home?

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