4 Essential Finishing Touches Every Home Needs

Whether you are sprucing up your current house, moving into a ‘project’ home that needs renovating, or designing a property from scratch, it’s really important to not overlook the finishing touches.

I’m talking about the architectural features such as skirting boards, architrave, window boards and door frames that bring a room together and ensure all the edges look neat and tidy.  Designed to hide the join between different surfaces, these features are also are very aesthetically pleasing, when done correctly and you have chosen the most suitable designs for your room.  In fact, they can really enhance and elevate the look of your home.  You might not always notice them immediately when you walk into a room, but you would if they weren’t there!  So let’s take a closer look at these interior essentials:

Skirting Board

The skirting board is the baseboard that runs around the bottom part of the internal walls.  Usually made from pine or MDF, these edging boards disguise the join between wall and floor, act as a protective edge when we push furniture up against the sides and they also prevent moisture getting into the walls when we mop our floors.

Skirting World is a company that specialises in custom made skirting, with a massive choice of designs.  Their expert team can create skirting boards in the best style and design for your home.  Thick or thin, in short or longer runs, whatever you require their machinists can create the required profile and the boards can be primed in house, so they are all ready for you to apply your paint when they arrive at your door, carefully wrapped and shipped.


Architrave is the moulding that goes around your door frames to give a smart finish.

More often than not, these will be made out of MDF (medium density fibre) or HDF (high density fibre), which is even more hardwearing, and both give a nice smooth finish which is easy to paint.  They can be bought as a complete set, in different sizes, for single doorways or double ones (e.g. if you have french doors).  For non-standard sizes, Skirting World offers a bespoke service.

Window Boards

Window boards, or window sills, may seem like a very everday item that you don’t really pay much attention to.  But if they are in a poor state of repair, or the wrong size for your window, they can really detract from a room.  If you’d like to replace yours, you can choose from different sizes, (e.g. 18mm or 25mm) and perhaps opt for a rounded bullnose edge, like the one shown below.  They can be made from moisture resistant premium HDF for extra peace of mind and can even be turned into window seats for something a little different and special!  Ideal if you have a picture window with a perfect view.


Of course, not all houses are straight and square, so if yours is a little on the quirky side, you may need to go down the bespoke route.  But the effect will be stunning if you have them custom-made to perfectly suit your home.

Door Frames

Sometimes with home renovations, you may want to create a doorway where there wasn’t one before.

In which case you’ll need a door frame.  Buying a Door Frame Set made from superior HDF material will provide a smooth, strong and sturdy finish.  As with the other finishing touches above, if you order from Skirting World, you have a choice of standard door frame sizes, or can opt for the bespoke service.  The in-house french polisher can spray coat your product with primer for a highly professional finish.

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