How to Choose the Best Worktops for Your Kitchen & Budget

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the worktops you choose are central to the look, design and functionality of your kitchen. Shopping for the right worktop has to factor in not only cost, but how the surface will fit in aesthetically. It should complement and enhance the overall look. For example, traditional shaker style cabinets would look at odds with a sleek and contemporary stainless steel worktop.

If you want to update or upgrade your kitchen worktops, there’s a varied choice when it comes to materials, price range, appearance and durability. Lets take a look at the best options for your kitchen and budget:

Cheapest Options

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We all aspire to having a dream kitchen, but a bespoke design does not come cheap. If you have budget constraints and want to makeover your kitchen affordably, you can still give your worktops a brand new look. If the counter tops are currently in good working order, but simply dated in style, the cheapest option with the smallest amount of disruption is to keep them and just resurface them. It is possible to paint a worktop, but the results can be a bit hit and miss and may not pass muster on close inspection. However if you hate your worktop it could prove to be a handy temporary solution. Alternatively, you can completely transform your surfaces with stick on vinyl – why not jazz things up with an exciting design, such as some terazzo vinyl wrap, for example. Check out the tutorials on YouTube for step by step guidance.

The next most affordable option is to choose replacement laminate worktops. Laminate is a brilliant budget friendly option. There are so many beautiful finishes, such as faux marble, concrete, wood, granite, stone. Laminate is easy to keep clean and hardwearing and you can have matching splashback, too.

To further save money, you could fit the laminate worktop yourself. You could also fit a tiled splashback yourself or add features such as a smart new mixer tap to elevate the design further. Try to keep the layout simple to keep costs down, too – straight runs are cheaper than intricate shapes and joins.

Mid-range Worktops

With a mid-range budget you have a bit more flexibility when it comes to choosing a worktop. You could consider a hardwood worktop, if you like a more natural look. Although it is warm and beautiful, wooden worktops do require care and maintenance, so they’re not for everyone. They can suffer from heat and water damage and will need sanding and protecting.

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Some granite worktops fall into the mid to higher price range and they are always a popular option due to their good looks and incredibly hardwearing nature. They come in a great variety of colours and patterns too and add a sense of polish and high quality to your kitchen. They are extremely heavy though so your kitchen cupboards need to be robust enough to take the weight and this is not a material you could DIY at home yourself.

One option to consider, if you’re on a mid-range budget, is to mix your materials. You could choose a more expensive option, e.g. granite or marble, for one area only. Mixing your surfaces can look eclectic and stylish, whilst also being a practical way to stay on budget.

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Also, have you considered stainless steel? You may think of catering kitchens, but it can give a modern, urban look to your kitchen and is hygienic – definitely something to consider if you love cooking and baking on a regular basis.

High End Options

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A quality stone worktop is an investment and when cared for properly will last years and years, so although it comes with a big price tag, it may be the perfect finishing touch when creating a luxury kitchen. Made to measure marble is stunningly beautiful, unique in appearance due to its organic nature and will definitely give your kitchen the high end look. However as with any natural material it is porous and therefore can attract stains, so if you are a messy cook it may not be the best option for you. This material is perhaps better suited to a kitchen with low usage.

For a more modern take on the high end look, Corian is a modern material, used in many kitchens due to its composition which means it is easy to clean and gives a seamless look without joins – great if you are seeking a clean, minimalist appearance. Also, you may have wondered about polished concrete – this distinctive surface is a look not everyone would choose, however it can a stunning kitchen feature and if you like a unique, edgy look then it’s another style of worktop to consider.

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