4 Questions to Ask Before Arranging An Extension

A home renovation or extension can add significant value to your property and ensure you have more space for your family to grow, relax or work. However, you can’t just book an extension today and expect things to go off without a hitch. If you want to ensure a successful (and stress-free) extension, there are a few important questions to ask to guarantee you and your family are prepared for it. 

Will It Be Safe?

Extensions can involve plenty of work, so make sure it is safe regardless of how you use the extension. If you are extending your property onto grass, you may require the services of Piling Contractors to provide more stable and secure foundations, which will prevent problems throughout the years. 

Other than the foundations, any plumbing or electrical wiring should be carried out by a professional. You do not want the extension to suffer flooding or electrical issues while using it. So, as tempting as it might be to do it yourself, it’s always beneficial to use a professional. 

What Type of Extension Do You Need? 

There are many types of extension options to choose from, which all depend on what you plan on using the extension for. Some people will see their extension as a home office or spare bedroom whereas others will use it as a gym. 

Knowing what you will use your extension for makes it easier to design it suitably and help you choose a company experienced in this specific type of extension. 

How Will It Impact Your Neighbours?

Any construction work can interfere with your neighbour’s comfort and happiness. You must make sure you do everything you can to prevent substantial disruptions and keep your neighbours on your side. Typically, extensions do not take as long as other types of work, but they can still become too loud and obstructive. 

Before arranging the extension, speak with your neighbours and go over what you have planned. You can also research local area laws or regulations to make sure you don’t overstep any boundaries or make adjustments to something that is not your responsibility, such as a fence or part of a shared driveway. 

Can You Make It More Sustainable? 

Taking an eco-friendly approach to home improvements has become a popular choice for many homeowners. You can achieve this by working with companies that use sustainably sourced materials and methods, as it means that anything used in the construction is not harmful to the environment. 

It’s also worth looking at different amenities such as heating and plumbing. Sustainable methods like solar panels can help make your home more energy efficient, such as Energy Star-rated appliances that you may install in the extended area. 

Improving Your Home

If you want to boost your property value, whether you’re selling soon or will sell later, an extension is a superb way to achieve this. With the variety of extension options available, you and your family can enjoy an exceptionally comfortable and functional space. But, you must ask yourself these questions before doing anything to prevent problems. 

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