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5 Reasons to Choose a High Sleeper Bed

When it comes to finding a new bed for your child’s bedroom, one of the favourite options seems to be a high sleeper or loft bed.

high sleeper

Popular with both parents and kids alike, these beds are built on a frame and elevated high enough off the floor to provide ample space below for any number of uses.  A high sleeper can be a practical and eye-catching solution, so here’s five good reasons why you should consider one for your child’s room:


A high sleeper bed is raised above the floor by way of a sturdy frame, which means you are putting otherwise wasted vertical space in a bedroom to good use.  This can be beneficial where the room is small, because it allows you to free up all the floor space that would normally be taken up by the bed.  This area can now be used for other purposes without compromising on the sleeping arrangements in any way.

Make a Statement

The imposing design of a high sleeper or loft bed means that it naturally becomes the main focal point of a bedroom and is a quite striking piece of furniture.  Why not complement its impressive appearance with an eye-catching rug, stylish bedding and curtains or blinds and use accessories such as lamps and colourful storage boxes to bring the room to life and inject some of your child’s personality?


Did you know high sleeper beds offer many multi-tasking possibilities?  With a range of storage options, it is clear to see why these beds are such a popular choice.  Toy storage and bookcases can be added, or a desk and wardrobe incorporated into the area below the mattress.  You could include a futon in the space beneath for teens to chill with friends or for kids who love to have their mates round for sleepovers.

An Element of Fun

No child likes bedtime, but I think they could perhaps be won over by a high sleeper!  There is something magical to kids about climbing a ladder to reach their bed and sleeping up high.  It feels like an adventure and they can incorporate the bed into their make-believe play.  Feed their imagination further with accessories like curtains to create a den, castle or fort beneath the mattress.  Owning one of these beds can be a wonderful source of inspiration!

A Bed for Everyone

High sleepers come in a range of styles and finishes.  For younger children or those wanting a fresh coastal look, you may opt for a beachy white painted wood, whereas if you’re buying a bed for a teen they may prefer an edgier, urban metal look.  You can also choose a natural unpainted finish or go Scandi-style with a blend of white and pale birch wood.  Then there is the option of a more sophisticated grey oak.  There’s a wide choice of high sleeper beds to choose from, as well as mid sleepers which are a great alternative for younger children.  As a rule, children under six are better suited to a mid-sleeper rather than a high sleeper, so as you can see, there really is a loft bed or high sleeper to suit all.

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