Improve Don’t Replace! 6 Design Ideas To Give Your Kitchen A Fresh Look

If your kitchen is in need of updating, you could replace it with a brand new one. But before you go to the expense of a full refit, it’s worth considering whether your kitchen has the potential to be improved rather than replaced, saving you time, energy and money! Check out the following design ideas to give you some inspiration.

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Changing Doors & Hardware

Yes your kitchen may look shabby, but sometimes it’s only the kitchen cabinet doors that let down the appearance of your home. So you could get rid of the old doors and replace them with some smart new ones. This is a surefire way to make it look like you have a brand new kitchen and you can choose from contemporary handleless designs to solid wood shaker styles. You could also change from a light colour to a darker one or vice versa, or a bright colour you love! Kitchen Warehouse can help you create the look you want with their replacement doors, or if you require kitchen units they can supply these too in either flat pack or ready built options and everything can be ordered through their website.

Replacing Wall Cupboards with Open Shelves

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Sometimes the wall cupboards in a kitchen can feel quite imposing, especially in a small or galley style kitchen. One way to open up the room and create a completely different look is to remove the wall cupboards and replace them with open shelves. A really popular choice is to go for reclaimed wood shelves secured on metal brackets in black or gold. This is potentially a weekend job that can transform the space without compromising on storage – just make sure to display your best crockery!

Instantly Update Walls and Floors

For a quick fix that is also pretty durable, have you considered updating walls and floors with vinyl? There are some amazing, fashionable vinyl designs that can be ordered on a roll to apply to your walls, splashbacks and floor. There are so many patterns and colours to choose from. Have you ever fancied a bold geometric tile design for the floor or a pink or tropical splashback? This is one way to achieve the look quickly and affordably.

Jes Rose Vinyl

Embrace the Biophilic Trend

A passion for plants is a key trend in interiors and incorporating greenery into your kitchen redesign is a great way to improve your environment and wellbeing, connecting yourself to nature. You can keep your kitchen plant collection relatively low key with some trailing plants or perhaps striking cacti dotted around the space, or go full on with a living wall of decorative plants or even herbs so you’ve got them on hand when creating delicious dishes!

Change your Eating/Seating Area

If you don’t currently have somewhere to sit and eat or drink a cup of coffee in your kitchen, could you make one? Adding a compact breakfast bar can create a coffee shop vibe or an armchair and coffee table can transform a dull corner, giving your kitchen a new look as well as an extra function. If you already have a kitchen table, bar or island, some new stools or chairs can change the look significantly. If you have some old wooden dining chairs, why not paint them and if they have seat pads you could reupholster them with some funky fabric and a staple gun.

Surfaces, Sinks and Windows

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the kitchen cabinets, floor and walls and you just need a fresh focal point. This could be replacing the worktop, getting a new sink and tap, or changing the window dressings for something more on trend.

Have a look around your kitchen and consider the things you can change quickly and affordably and you may be surprised about how easy it can be to create a fresh new look.

Photo by Gareth Hubbard on Unsplash

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