How To Choose The Best Kitchen Appliances

Choosing a new appliance for your kitchen can be a weighted decision, but the right considerations in mind can make things easier.

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Many people gravitate toward the smart kitchen, which features technologies that mean owners can go about their day with little effort on their part. Dinner is served without lifting a finger, and appliances spring to life as if on their own accord. They’re supportive tools to be sure, but even still, they’re not representative of the typical home.

Innovative tech doesn’t always guarantee the best appliance on the market. To determine this, there are many other factors you can check, besides blindly purchasing the latest and greatest offerings. So which other boxes need to be ticked?

Here’s how to choose the best appliances for your kitchen.

Research Reviews

When buying anything, the reviews should always be your fist port of call so that you can take stock in good old consumer confidence.

A user’s experience with a certain item might be enough to persuade or dissuade you from following in their footsteps. Did everything function as advertised? Do the images on the website accurately represent the real look of the product? Is the business you’re dealing with reputable? These are all vital questions you need answered before you part ways with one penny.

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Check Energy Efficiency

These days, energy efficiency is a priority for companies and consumers alike, so don’t shy away from checking things out in this area.

In 2016, it was reported that one in five home appliances used more energy than was advertised, so this is yet another thing you need to watch out for. Fridge freezers were included in the research, so kitchen goods are by no means immune to these statistics. However, aside from checking the reviews once again (which can be telling on this topic), you can also keep your eyes peeled for all the relevant labels and documentation that legitimize your appliance as an energy efficient product.

These days, being the ‘best’ refers to more than just the performance of a particular product. There are now more ethical connotations to the word, ensuring that businesses behave and act responsibly in all their activities from production to marketing and sales. Energy efficiency is one such way that they’re expected to do this, so don’t shy away from judging them on this basis.

Consider Space

Appliances come in all shapes and sizes, as do kitchens – therefore, a healthy splicing need to be achieved.

Before making your purchase, make sure that all the proper measurements have been undertaken so that everything fits in comfortably. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself as a shopper, particularly if you’re investing in a bigger unit like a fridge, which do come costly. In that event, it may be that you have to return your treasured purchase, or worse, sell it on in a hassle-ridden process.

It is also a popular idea to extend the kitchen, or knock it through to your dining room area. This will greatly expand how much space you have available to you, freeing up your mind to get more creative with all the proceedings. It might be that if the ‘best’ appliance won’t fit, you can create some wiggle room via this method!

Space hacks can also involve something as simple as a quick clean on worktops and surfaces. That way, any new blenders, coffee makers, toasters, and other smaller appliances have a designated for them to go. Eliminating clutter can give you a lot of mileage in how you utilise the space in your kitchen, so keep that in mind too! 

Aesthetic Fit

After checking that the appliance physically fits, you then need to check whether it will fit aesthetically also!

After all, an unsightly appliance would surely ruin the look you’re going for in your kitchen, wouldn’t it? Therefore, it’s best to make sure everything co-ordinates by picking up something that fits in with the aesthetics you’ve established. Even the expression of colour in your home can have an influence over your mood, so your appliances need to fit with the regime you’ve established, or are soon to create if you’re the midst of redecorating.

It’s not just about colour schemes, either. For example, it could be that your kitchen has a Mediterranean theme coursing through the room, or that you have a blend of influences from other parts of the world. If the appliance is on trend, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb!

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