4 Reasons to use safety shoes during home renovation

Renovating your home is an exciting process; transforming old and dated features into something cooler and newer, or fixing up and replacing those things that don’t work properly anymore. Yes, sometimes it can be annoying, time consuming and expensive…  but think about the final result; ultimately you get a better version of your home, even if it’s just a small renovation!

Renovating the home also requires you to be careful and aware of potential risks. It’s important to use the most appropriate tools for the job, ensuring they are in good working order and replacing any that are old or unsafe. At the same time, using common sense is essential; like never using a ladder on a slippery surface or putting electrical devices near water.

When it comes to what to wear, gloves are a must for many renovation works while safety glasses, earplugs and other protective clothing are sensible choices, too. What you may not have considered, though, is the importance of using safety shoes. Not just for professionals, safety footwear such as Airtox Safety Shoes are a must-have when carrying out home renovations, for the following reasons.

Safety footwear

Protective Toe Cap

This is the basic requirement needed by footwear to be classified as “safety shoes” and also one of their key features. Think about all the times you could be working with heavy or sharp objects and they fall on your toes.  Annoying and painful! A toe cap protects against injury and shoe damage. Furthermore, many Airtox models come with a NEO-steel toe-cap which keeps the shoe from feeling heavy, despite the added protection.

Anti-penetration Layer

Dangers come not only from the top. Sharp objects can be found on the floor and other surfaces. Nails and glass being two of the potential hazards, so a good pair of safety shoes will feature anti-penetration layers which create a barrier between your feet and the hazard. Some designs, with the so called ‘Whitelayer’ feature a material tested by the US military which keeps the shoes very light whilst offering full protection.

Anti-slip and Waterproof

If you have to work on slippery surfaces or in a wet environment, anti-slip and waterproof shoes will help you stay focused on the task in hand without worrying about balancing and keeping upright. If you have to work in very wet conditions, you can be assured your feet will be warm and dry.


Not all the safety shoes come with good waterproof credentials, though, so if that’s important to you be sure to check the model of shoes you are buying.

Safety shoes and home renovation

Safety shoes can make a big difference to you when it comes to carrying out home renovations. As mentioned earlier, they’re not just for professional work people. Once you buy a pair they can come in handy for many maintenance jobs all around the home, so they are a great investment. Not only that, modern designs and materials ensure that many good quality safety shoes look like normal trainers, rather than a work shoe. So you can look cool even when renovating!

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