hotel style bathroom

5 ways to give your Bathroom a luxe hotel look

One of life’s pleasures for me is staying in a lovely hotel once in a while. I especially enjoy a chic hotel bathroom, with accessories such as little guest soaps and white monogrammed towels (and not forgetting neatly folded toilet tissue!) I always like my own bathroom to have a touch of hotel luxury, so if you do, too, here’s how to copy it.

hotel style bathroom

Fixtures and fittings

Hotel bathrooms generally have white suites like most of us in our own homes, so what makes them different? Usually it’s the fixtures and fittings; you could add some chic brass bathroom accessories like these from Soho Home. I particularly love the gorgeous, luggage rack style of the Randolph Towel Rack, which has bags of vintage appeal and is perfect for the hotel look. Place on the wall within reach of your bath or shower and stack with folded fluffy white towels. Stylish wall hooks are another classic fixture in a hotel bathroom, so add some to yours for that authentic feel – and don’t forget about the smaller details like taps and a large shower head.

Vanity Mirror

vanity sink

If your bathroom doesn’t have a large vanity mirror, you may want to invest in one for that genuine boutique hotel look. Traditionally, hotel bathroom mirrors are large and positioned above the sink or vanity unit, with a couple of wall lights either side, or one above. A large mirror with integral LED lights is a good alternative for achieving a more modern hotel vibe. If you want to upgrade your sink, you could choose a double basin (space allowing) or a sink with a built in vanity top, providing space to place soap, tissues etc. A unit with a marble surface (real or good quality faux) will convey that hotel look you desire.

Chic Surfaces

Quite often a hotel bathroom will have pure white wall tiles which always look clean and bright. But you may spot an interesting vintage tile on the floor – maybe a monochrome, geometric pattern for a very classic look. Or in a more modern hotel, you may find smaller, mosaic style hexagon tiles which will look minimal and cool in your home. Marble effect waterproof wall panels are another good way to incorporate a hotel feel. If you fancy upgrading the surfaces in your bathroom, why not take inspiration from your favourite hotel stays?

Robes and Towels

As mentioned earlier, white fluffy towels are a must-have in several sizes. Shop for thick and generously sized bath sheets, plus some medium sized ones, hand towels and flannels, too. A luxurious bathrobe and slippers will give that full on boutique spa style – monogrammed initials are optional!


Luxury handwash

A top hotel provides luxury toiletries for guests, so why not copy this idea at home with a high end handwash and handcream duo, some small, individually wrapped guest soaps and little bottles of shower gel and foaming bath oil or bath salts. Its these small luxuries that really do make a difference, especially when presented in a stylish way – find a beautiful wooden bowl or seagrass basket to display them.

What’s your favourite thing about a stylish hotel bathroom?

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