4 Shower Wall Options

Redecorating a room can bring new life to the space and completely change the way you feel about it. However, with every project there comes a lot of choices, some of which can be hard to decide on.

shower wall options
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When you’re redecorating your bathroom, one of the hard decisions is choosing the walls in your shower. This is because there are plenty of shower wall options out there.

While it might be easy to just go for traditional tiling because it’s common in bathrooms, there could be a better option for you. So let’s look at the range of materials and finishes you can opt for, to help you decide which one is best.

Shower Wall Options

There are several factors that must be considered when you’re choosing your new shower walls. Some of the most important among these are that it must be waterproof, should be easy to clean, and must fit in with the rest of your bathroom décor.

The following shower wall options are all waterproof but have different pros and cons beyond that.

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Painted Walls

The simplest choice for shower walls is to paint them with a waterproof, bathroom safe paint of your choice. There are different types of paint that can be used in bathrooms including latex enamel, oil based enamel, and specialty bathroom paint.

Most paints that are fit for use in bathrooms are at least semi-gloss, and the glossier the paint is, the more water resistant and the easier to clean it will be.

Opting for painted walls in the shower means that you’ll have a range of colour options. There is a full spectrum of colours available just like with non-waterproof paints. However, painted walls do require more care and maintenance than other options to prevent them losing their water resistance over time.


Shower panels
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Tiles are the traditional choice for shower walls, and bathroom walls in general. They create a classic look in a bathroom and are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns to match the rest of your bathroom décor.

Tiles themselves are fairly easy to clean, and they’re highly waterproof, but the grouting that seals the gaps between tiles is not as easy to look after.

Grouting can harbour a build-up of mould, mildew, and grime over time, especially if your bathroom isn’t well ventilated. This can be difficult to remove, meaning that a year or two after having tiles installed, you might have to consider re-grouting.

You can also opt for stylish decorative wall panels that have a tiled effect if you’re looking for something modern and a bit different.


Just like you can get glass splashbacks in your kitchen, you can choose to have a sheet of glass to cover your shower walls. This is a modern choice that can create a great look in a contemporary bathroom. But it can look out of place in a more traditional space.

There are a couple of choices with glass coverings for your shower walls. If you’d like to show off the coloured paint of your walls you can choose to have clear class. Or if you’re looking for something funkier, coloured or tinted glass is available and can add an interesting dynamic to your bathroom.

Shower Panels

Waterproof shower panels are another modern choice and are gaining popularity in domestic and commercial bathrooms. They’re available in a wide range of colours and designs, just like tiles, so they can blend effortlessly with contemporary and traditional bathroom décor.

Shower panels are 100% waterproof, seamless (which means no grouting that can get dirty!), easy to fit, and can be wiped clean.

You can also choose to have them on all your bathroom walls, and even the ceiling and floor to create a wet room effect in your bathroom.

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4 shower wall options

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