Stylish Home Lighting Ideas for Autumn

As dusk starts to fall earlier at this time of year, it’s a good idea to think about your home lighting and to ensure you have enough of the right kind of lamps and bulbs to give the cosy glow your home deserves.

So today I’ve picked some of my favourite stylish lighting options for the main living areas, from (Ireland’s popular webshop for all things lighting) who have a very extensive range of products to choose from this season.


A combination of lamps works well in a bedroom as they help to add layers of illumination, allowing you to choose the level of lighting and generally providing the room with a pleasant, ambient glow that feels inviting and relaxing prior to dropping off to sleep. Using natural materials such as wood and rattan can really help to add warmth, too, creating a mellow, honey-coloured glow – however for bedtime reading, you may need an extra task light above the headboard to avoid eyestrain.

Living Room

As we spend more time indoors ‘nesting’ this season, we’re likely to want to snuggle in a cosy corner of the living room with a magazine and a coffee. So having an adjustable floor lamp can be really useful, with a head that you can angle over your page. To boost illumination in general in your living room, a retro style spotlight is a great feature. With a typically large convex shade, something like the Minerva black and gold floor lamp will bounce light around the room which is just what you need on a dark evening.

Dining Room

Clustering pendants together over a dining table is a great way to focus your lighting for dinner time – and it doesn’t need to be harsh if you use soft glow or vintage light bulbs for a more  atmospheric feel. This geometric Lorenza rust-coloured pendant has a burnished metal finish and looks great, giving an overhead glow when enjoying an evening meal with friends or family.


Typical kitchen lighting like spotlights can feel a little harsh and clinical, so to soften the overall effect, it’s a good idea to bring in an extra light fitting or two made from natural or raw materials. Metallics such as brass and copper, wood and even concrete are ideal as they introduce warmth and texture.  This concrete and rusted aluminium Elna LED linear pendant light is an ideal choice – modern yet rustic and autumnal in tone, it will add character and provide adjustable overhead lighting to your space, as the LED bulbs are dimmable.


A house needs outdoor lighting, not only for safety so you can see where you are walking, but also to appear welcoming and inviting to visitors. And it doesn’t have to be a traditional lamp on the wall – sinking lights into the path itself or using tall architectural structures, such as this example from Lights, is guaranteed to add a decorative element as well as illumination to your home’s exterior.

For more options, check out the Lights autumn lighting collection here.

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