4 Ways To Bring A Period Property Into The Modern Day

The UK is filled with beautiful, period homes and owning one of these very homes has become a hot ticket, with many a home renovation being documented on the likes of Pinterest and Instagram. But whilst the outside of these homes are super stylish, the inside can be an entirely different story. Bringing the interiors of a period property into the present day requires careful consideration of the layout, configuration and design. By deciding which features stay, and which need to be replaced or refurbished, you’ll soon have a modern property to be proud of. Here are just four of the top ways to bring your period property into the modern day.

Window Treatments

Many period homes, particularly those that are Edwardian or Victorian, have original sash windows, with the most traditional of properties also featuring a bay window. Though it’s important to keep the original features of the home, it’s a good idea to upgrade any original windows, either through repair or replacement if the structure of the build will allow. Many traditional homes will have single-glazed windows, which can often result in soundproofing or heat retention issues, so it’s wise to consider this at the start of your renovation. Once you’ve selected your windows, now it’s time to dress them. To bring a traditional bay window into the modern day, consider layering contemporary shutters with made to measure bay window curtains in light shaded materials. The layering effect brings an element of modern texture to the space, whilst the soft materials allow for plenty of light to flood the room.

 Highlight character

If you’ve purchased a period property and you’re lucky enough to have some beautiful period features, you’re going to want to be able to keep at least some of the charm of the place, even if you do have grand plans when it comes to renovation. By highlighting and rejuvenating the most character-filled areas, you’re able to create a space that has traditional roots yet is focused around a modern lifestyle. Original flooring, whether that’s tiling or floorboards, is a particularly popular renovation feature, and is easy enough to achieve with some TLC. If the floorboards of the home are particularly unsightly or unsalvageable, reclaimed parquet is a fantastic solution for achieving a modern look within a period home. It’s important to do your research when purchasing reclaimed parquet, it’s a delicate material and needs to be treated gently in order to achieve the desired look.

 Mix modern + Period Furniture

Don’t be afraid to combine both old and new furniture and accessories to really bring your period property to life. Vintage pieces are having a real moment, whether that’s an overdyed rug or a reclaimed dresser. Combine your flea-market finds with modern seating and lighting for the ultimate in a modern-day period property.

Paint Palette

Unless you intend on sanding and re-plastering each of the walls within your period property, you’re going to find some hidden cracks and bumps along the way. A home that’s seen a lot of living over the years is sure to have some imperfections, so any touch ups that need to be done to modernise the place needs to be with the right kind of paint. The most common mistake many people make is to use gloss paint, which will highlight any chips under natural light. Instead, stick to a good quality, matte finish primer to hide any wear and tear. Colour scheme also plays an important role in the overall look, go for subtle paired-back tones such as deep grey or navy for a classic yet stylish look.

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