Merging Beauty With Outfits To Pull Off The Best Looks

The classic peaches and cream look works well for summer, especially when wearing a floral midi dress. The smoky eyes look is more dramatic when teamed with darker clothes, such as indigo and black. And a short pixie haircut can look feminine and gamine, or more edgy especially if you combine a floaty dress with ankle boots or a leather biker jacket.

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As you can see, fashion and beauty have to work together, in order to create iconic looks and outfits. This is where having confidence in your own personal style can really help, but we’re not all blessed with a talent for just throwing stylish looks together. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to get comfortable with varying your beauty looks to complement particular outfits, rather than just ‘playing it safe’ and doing the same make-up, day in and day out. Learning this is a skill and an interesting and enjoyable experience because you get to know these unwritten rules.

The ultimate spring look

As mentioned, perfect for summer the ‘peaches and cream’ look is great to give anyone a healthy glow. Peachy colours on fair skin or deeper coral tones on dark skin can look really radiant. It’s a go-to look for many during the spring and summer. This is because you can wear these warm shades that shimmer and make your eyes stand out and highlight your cheekbones. Let’s take a closer look at how you can combine this beauty style with your outfit.


The colour palette you need should include neutrals like beige as well as orange, yellow, light brown, and pink. This is so you can create a natural effect and lighten or darken it as required. A peachy eyeshadow really complements a matte pink lipstick. Moving from your forehead down to your chin, your makeup should become lighter. This is because you don’t want your eyes and lips to compete. If you want a stronger eye make sure you have a lighter lip colour. Brush peachy pink over your eyelids and use a darker brown to create shadow in the eye socket. Below your eyes, you may want to have a lighter foundation or even use a little sprinkle of glitter to bring attention to your eyes. You can also apply blush such as Trinny London blusher in pinky coral.


Although we said the classic peaches and cream look teams well with a floral midi dress and sandals, you could pare things back even more and and wear a maxi dress in cream. This kind of dress lightly hugs your figure around the waist but gives enough movement for your shoulders and hips. It flares out and falls, depending on your height, around mid calf to ankle. The lighter shade is perfect, for lifting your face. 

The summer girl has arrived

‘Au naturel’, has always been a popular summer look. Despite what magazines and advertisements might want you to wear, we all know that when we go to the beach we want hardly any makeup and minimal clothes. Sometimes though, being ‘natural’ isn’t as easy as it looks. But that’s ok, because cosmetics have evolved to the point that it breathes with your skin, it’s lighter, and is so easy to blend into your natural skin tone and you don’t feel caked in make-up.


The classic summer girl has an uncomplicated beauty routine – all you really need are a few skin-supporting products. Firstly, invest in a good spot scrub to get all the sweat, dirt and germs out of your pores. Then you need to put on a good summer exfoliator such as the detoxifying salt scrub from ESPA. On the other hand, you can go to a professional and seek a dermaplaning treatment. It’s a way to get rid of dead skin and remove the peach fuzz of tiny facial hairs, which can stop your lotions soaking in properly and prevent make up going on quite as smoothly. Go with a good serum, one that is suitable for the type of skin you have. If you tend to be oily skinned, a pore blocking serum allows you to control the number of natural oils that your skin secretes onto your face. You won’t be as shiny in the sun and you’ll have healthy skin, protected from germs and spots.


The summer girl’s outfit is two-fold. You have to look like you’d be ready to hit the beach in a few seconds. So some ripped denim shorts would be very cute. How high you want the cut to be, is up to you. You can get hip-high or waist-high denim shorts, it all depends on your confidence and body shape. Couple this with a bikini bra of any kind. Be it triangular, or a tie-front style etc – it’s a matter of preference. Then throw a loose knit jumper over the top so you can still see what’s underneath and it will keep you just warm enough, without appearing overdressed in summer. A pair of casual flip flops would go well with this kind of outfit.

The mermaid has returned

For many years, the mermaid look has risen to the top of the makeup trend list, every single summer. It’s sexy, alluring and most of all, fun to wear. Expect to see a lot of neon shades, with bright turquoise blue being the most popular. You can also have purple, pink and gold. Eyeshadow is the most distinctive way to create this look, also coupled with bold eyebrow. Expect to see a lot of skinny jeans, tight skirts and baggy cardigans and shirts, sometimes with a lace bra or camisole underneath.


A rainbow of eyeshadow colours works really well for the mermaid look and is great fun to do. Get creative with shadows in neon green, blue, purple, silver and orange. You can also blend different colours in your lipstick, go for a darker edge and a lighter centre or opt for a striking purple or blue lip for a truly alluring mermaid vibe! Sleek eyebrows frame the face so for that you will need the best eyebrow kit you can find in 2020. Luckily, the guys over at have narrowed it down to the top 10 and they explore all kinds of products that have proven to be very popular. They cover pencils, gels, powders, scissors, tweezers, eyebrow tint, brush and razors.


This might be a style you’d wear more for a summer beach party, but if you wanted to wear it normally, you can always tone it down. You might want to save the mermaid tail for a fancy dress party, but for a night out you could opt for a dress with a shimmering finish. There are mermaid-style dresses, that tend to be made from lighter fabrics that are see-through, ruffled or layered with faux leather in different colours. Roman sandals would be a great shoe to complement this type of outfit.

Nitty-gritty urban

For girls living in the city, the concrete jungle has a particular vibe and this can be translated into a cool, urban style make-up look. Save the truly smoky look for evenings and events. For daytime, you want some a little lighter, but still edgy. This could be when your cheeks are neutral, your eyes have a little shadow but your lips are a bright pastel colour. The outfit is should be wholly street-inspired.


For your urban street style look, you want eyeshadows that are brown, grey, beige and chocolate. Stick to the earth tones to give your eyes a natural allure and then ramp up the smoky look as day becomes night. Next, you might want to try a pastel lipstick, in any colour to suit your complexion. Take a look at the pastel palette from Charlotte Tilbury who makes the most amazing matte lipsticks


You know the drill by now, skinny ripped jeans, black heels and a t-shirt to go beneath a blazer. This is the working girl’s outfit, sharp and stylish. At the same time, it exudes sex appeal and sass!

Combining beauty looks with outfits is a bit of an artform, but so exciting when you understand the basics. Try one of these outfits and makeup styles for yourself and see if you feel comfortable playing around with more outfits and looks. 

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