Embracing A Full-Time WFH Career

Have you developed a taste for working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, be assured that you’re not the only one! 

For a lot of professionals, creating an emergency home office environment has been the biggest challenge this year. When you’re used to commuting to your workplace, working from home can feel strange at first. The priority of many people has been to create a productive and organised space where they could work during the day. Thankfully, many of us have had a few months to get the basics right, from sourcing out suitable seating options to finding the right organisation for all paperwork and work material. But as self-isolation measures are easing, you’ve come to consider your improvised home office fondly. Are you ready to embrace a full-time work-from-home career? 

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Are you launching a side-hustle business?

For a lot of professionals, the lockdown has offered new opportunities. Perhaps, you’ve been wondering if your day-to-day job is your true passion. It’s no surprise that the freelancing sector has exploded under lockdown. Experts from all industry sectors have come to realise that they never listened to their dreams. Side hustle businesses are appearing all over the UK. Are you an accountant who enjoys woodworking or a teacher who paints landscapes? Whatever you do, you want a safe place to store your creations. If you can’t afford to fill the spare bedroom with your paintings and artwork, now’s the time to look into other storage solutions, such as Quick Self Storage, for instance. What are you waiting to launch your artist’s venture? 

Is everyday life noise getting to you?

As a temporary solution, the nook in the lounge makes the perfect home office. Yet, if you want to pursue your career from home, you need to create a cosy and productive space. A lot of home-based workers have been complaining about the challenges of juggling everyday life sounds and work. Kids playing at home or your partner taking a loud phone call can be some of the things that disrupt your concentration. We don’t talk much about noise pollution. However, it’s one of the biggest sources of stress. Noise-cancelling solutions, such as investing acoustically treated flooring or soundproof windows, can make a significant difference. You can also consider changes to your environment, such as bringing the home office into the garden shed, for instance! 

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How creative does it have to be?

Last but not least, you want to consider how your office decor affects your creativity. The purpose when creating a home office is not to copy the dull structure of most workplaces. You are free to interpret, imagine, and introduce new shapes and colours that inspire you. Take a look at some of the most innovative office spaces that spark creativity. Autodesk, a San Francisco based company loves ceiling-suspended furniture and treadmill desks. Rover, in Seattle, welcomes dogs into the office. Lego in Denmark has a slide in the middle of the workplace. The bottom line: You can create a workplace that suits you, and it doesn’t have to be just a desk and a chair. 

Working from home may have been a mandatory requirement under lockdown, but it could be the beginning of your new career or side-hustle venture. As such, you can embrace the possibility of a workshop or a creative area underneath your roof. Break the conventions, and unlock your creative power with an unexpected home office. 

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