5 Accessories You Need For Your Garden

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Do you want to make the most of your outdoor space this summer, but also keep things simple? If so, you just need a few carefully chosen accessories designed to add colour, style and comfort which will enable you to easily relax and entertain. Think of making your garden or patio like an additional room this season, ready for the warmer days and nights ahead and giving your ‘room’ an update!  


Planters are a brilliant addition to any outdoor space as you don’t have to be a gardening expert, creating beds and borders, you can simply plonk them down wherever you need an injection of colour or want to disguise a blank space or bare wall. They come in so many shapes, colours, sizes, materials and budgets, there’s definitely a perfect design for you. Whether you like the handmade, reclaimed style of the planters below, or something contemporary, simply add your greenery and enjoy – it’s especially easy if you choose low maintenance plants that will be happy in sunshine and rain. 


Obviously if you’re going to chill and wind down in your garden area you’ll need some garden furniture. If sticking to a budget, large scatter cushions can be a great, affordable seating option and they look nice and colourful, too. Folding chairs are a good budget option and ideal if you are short on space as they can be easily stored away when not in use. Simply add a cushion pad to the seat for added comfort. Of course there’s also the option of a fabulous outdoor sofa. Some of the modular designs available are extremely stylish and weather resistant, they’re great for entertaining and add that chic hotel terrace feel to your home.


Whether you opt for a snazzy remote controlled awning or a cheery garden parasol, it helps to have a little shelter in the garden. Garden shades come in a variety of styles. Gazebos are increasingly popular – some are designed to pop up and down for convenience and being more easily stored. Another idea is to add a pergola roof to your patio or deck. If you want a less permanent cover, why not choose a tent sail, these look amazing and really do help offer some shade from the sun, perfect if you don’t want to suntan or want to read a book without being dazzled. 

Outdoor Rug 

Amongst my favourite items for the summer garden are versatile outdoor rugs. I love these practical and hardwearing floor coverings as they come in such a great variety – almost any pattern, size and colour can be found and they are generally very good value. Manmade fibres mean they are weather resistant and stay looking great. They can add instant impact and help disguise a patio that has seen better days!


Finally, don’t forget to add a cosy glow in the form of a lantern or two. As the sun starts to go down, lighting candles in stylish hurricane lanterns give your outdoor space a different atmosphere, creating a holiday feel and you can stay outside chatting and socialising even longer with their warm illumination. Lanterns are the finishing touch you need to make you feel like you’re on holiday even at home. Of course you don’t need to use candles, if you prefer solar lights there are many beautifully stylish lanterns that will charge up through the day and give off a very lovely light after dark.

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