Design trends to make your garden pop this summer

The weather is finally getting better and people are now turning their attention to spending more time in their gardens. For those looking to re-design their garden or just update the look for this summer, Oeco Garden Rooms has put together some of this years must have trends to make your garden pop.

Adding in bold colours

Natural colours such as browns, green and oranges have been the go to colours for garden design for decades, and are perfect for garden fences, sheds and other large garden fixtures. We have seen a trend over the last couple of years to accent these natural colours with bolder colours and this trend will continue this year.

Garden furniture is now available in a range of vibrant and bold colours from vivid red and yellows to bright blues and greens. You can also inject pops of colour to you existing furniture with a range of colourful varnishes and paints, or by adding bold furnishings and cushions to create focal points throughout the space.

Outdoor entertaining

Alfresco dining and outdoor entertaining will be a key trend this year, and creating a garden in which to cook and entertain will be top of the list for many people. The key to creating the perfect space for outdoor entertaining is having a dedicated area for eating and relaxing, with another space dedicated to cooking.

BBQ’s and pizza ovens are the most popular choices for outdoor cooking, while gazebos and pergolas make idea spaces for eating and relaxing. Comfy furniture, ambient lighting and heating options are all good choices to provide a relaxing environment to enjoy the garden in.

Multi-use garden sheds

Gone are the days of a garden shed just being a storage area for garden tools. With today’s advances in technology and building techniques, the humble garden shed is now a multi-functional space that can be used all year round.

Multi-use garden sheds can be used for just about anything and usually consist of some kind of storage area for garden tools, but can also feature greenhouses, entertainment areas, games rooms or even gyms.

Whether you are adapting your existing garden shed or building a brand new structure there is a range of different options available. Flat pack self-assembly structures are popular, while those with a little more money can opt for professional installed garden rooms that can be tailored to individual needs and specifications.

Growing your own vegetables

Over the past few years consumers’ habits have changed when it comes to food. There is now a big demand to eat healthier and this has fuelled a resurgence in growing your own vegetables.

There is plethora of herbs and vegetables that can be grown in the garden with very little maintenance; these include vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach, as well as herbs such as basil, coriander and dill.

Green fingered gardeners can also take advantage of seasonal vegetables which can provide a variety of food all year round.

For those starting out growing herbs and vegetables its recommended to start off with some small pots or window boxes with herbs, then experiment and expand from there.

Welcome nature into the garden

While many of us will be familiar with the decline of bee colonies and butterflies over the past few decades, it is more important than ever to provide a variety of habitats and food for other animals in the garden. Take some time to look at native plants, shrubs and flowers to use in the garden; this will better support local wildlife by providing them with food and shelter.

Another factor to consider is the use of chemicals in the garden. Try to restrict the use of harmful insecticides and chemicals, and create natural habitats for a range of animals and minibeasts by letting a small part of your garden overgrow. You will be amazed at how many different animals, birds and mammals you’ll see in your garden if you take the time to provide the right environment.

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