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Declutter Your Home With Self Storage

We all know that our homes can start to accumulate clutter over time, as we collect items like hobby equipment, children’s toys or pieces of furniture. All of these things can start to take over and soon we are climbing over boxes to get to what we need.

Investing in self-storage can help you get your home back, without throwing away the items that mean the most to you.

A recent survey by self-storage providers, Storebox, revealed that 26.8% of people use storage, simply to create more room in their home. Storing hobby equipment, documents and collectables were among the top reasons for renting out storage and can otherwise take up space in all the corners of our homes.

Store your hobby and sports equipment

hobby equipment storageAround 9.4% of the survey respondents said that they use their storage units to store hobby equipment. Depending on your hobby, a storage unit may be the best solution for those bits of equipment and tools that you just can’t find space for.

Items including skis, sewing machines or art easels can be a bit bulky for the home and you may be tired of having to drag them out every time you want to use them. A unit doesn’t just have to be a place where you put your belongings and then forget about them, you can also use the space as a place to actually do your hobbies, allowing you to leave your equipment set up and ready to go.

Tidy away documents and important files

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We are always told to keep a certain amount of receipts, important letters and bank statements, but soon we are left with piles of folders filled with documents we never look at.

You can use self-storage as archive storage, setting up racks and cabinets to keep important documents that you may need in the future, but don’t need on a day-to-day basis. Keeping these files separate from your home can also help you to keep them organised and easy to find for when you do need to use them.

Store collectables and memorabilia

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If you’ve got a doll collection that unnerves guests or you collect small trinkets that you’re not keen on displaying, you can use your storage unit as your own private collector’s space. Most units are climate controlled and waterproof, so your items will be safe and secure when you’re not there.

Whether you just have a few boxes that are in the way or a whole room full of stuff you don’t know what to do with, self-storage could offer you the space you need. Gone are the days when storage units were simply a place to throw old rubbish you never use. Now they have extra security, both on the units and on-site and are the perfect place to store items of value, both sentimental and financial.

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