5 Easy Home Renovation Hacks

Whether you’re planning to create a new and updated space for 2019, or you’re just getting bored of your home and want a quick refresh, it’s definitely worth doing a bit of home renovation from time to time. However, juggling work, a social life and other responsibilities can leave you with little time to carry out these tasks. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on how to renovate your home with these five simple tips.

Home Renovation

Add a fresh lick of paint

A fresh coat of paint can be just the thing to brighten up any room in the home. Re-painting a room in a new colour, or just using the existing shade to give the room a refresh is an inexpensive and relatively quick way to renovate your home. If you’re choosing a new colour scheme altogether, consider painting with a more minimal colour scheme which will be versatile and therefore last for longer until you feel the need to re-paint. Rooms with minimal colours often have a more modern appearance, such as those in properties on offer from RW Invest, in neutral shades like grey, beige and white.

Re-arrange furniture

Re-arranging furniture is sometimes all you need to do to make a room feel new again. Think about which items could be moved into a different position without affecting the overall appearance of the room. Feng shui is a good reference point for this — a Chinese concept that believes that the way you arrange your furniture in the home can impact your wellbeing and quality of life. Some of the key feng shui tips include never placing a mirror directly in front of the bed and making sure that the sofa doesn’t face the main door as this can create a negative energy flow.

 Add some smart storage

 A clutter-free home is a happy home. Adding some clever storage ideas is a good way to give your space an updated look with minimal effort. Seek out storage options that look stylish and don’t take away from the existing decor of your rooms. Examples of this could include wicker baskets, a stylish bookcase, or a large ottoman that complements the room’s colour scheme and keeps your bits and bobs out of sight.

 Re-paint furniture

Upcycling existing furniture and fixtures is an easy way to renovate their appearance without going as far as replacing them altogether. Paint any wooden furniture such as kitchen cabinets in a fresh shade to breathe new life into the space, or just focus on certain details such as painting the handles or edges of a chest of drawers.

Install a staircase runner

Over time, staircases can begin to look worn out. Rather than replacing the floorboards or carpets, consider adding a stylish runner to the staircase. These come in a range of colours and designs that will instantly give your stairs and hallway an updated feel without spending lots of time and money on staircase renovation.

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