Four Elements to Create a Soothing and Restful Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a tranquil refuge, away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. It’s somewhere to recharge your batteries and so to ensure you get the most out of this restful space, here are some ideas to try:

A Comfy Mattress

Arguably the most important element of any bedroom is a good quality mattress, one that is comfortable and supportive enough to ensure better sleep. A mattress that you can sink into feels like a gentle hug and will soothe your body and as you get some restorative sleep. I’ve heard really good things about Casper, the modern online ‘bed in a box’ mattress company. This well known, ergonomic mattress brand, with a host of celebrity fans and backers, is all about deep comfort and better alignment, featuring luxurious layers of foam layers to keep you comfortable and cool, which is important to ensure a good night’s sleep. In fact, Casper is so confident you’ll have your best sleep, they even offer a 100 night free trial – if you’re not happy you can send the mattress back.

Good Storage

Nothing disturbs the mind more than clutter. You may have the comfiest mattress, but if you are surrounded by mountains of clothes, shoes, books, jewellery and make up, you will not feel calm and relaxed. Physical clutter is a distraction you need to avoid at all costs in the bedroom. If you don’t have enough storage, can you improve the situation? Maybe have a clear out of stuff you don’t wear anymore, or store out of season clothes and shoes under the bed in boxes and vacuum bags. Out of sight, out of mind!

A calming colour palette

People tend to think a bedroom should be decorated in a neutral palette in order to create a calm, restful environment, but dark blues and greens can feel extremely comforting and cocooning, too. Tonal colours work well in a bedroom, rather than clashing colours, so why not try layering lighter and darker tones of a similar shade to create a cosy environment. As long as the overall vibe is calm and coordinated, it doesn’t matter whether you go for dreamy whites, greys and pinks or soothing dark shades – it’s a matter of preference.


Lighting is an extremely important element when it comes to creating a good atmosphere in the bedroom. But it’s a feature many people tend to overlook. Avoid harsh lights. Too little light can be frustrating too, when you are looking for a matching pair of socks! So go for a happy medium; add several lamps around the room so you can pick and choose the light source you want at any time. Or why not add a dimmer switch to your lights so that it’s totally adjustable. It can be a real bonus to get ‘connected’ and operate your lighting from your smart phone or tablet. With smart light bulbs you can have a huge range of relaxing light colours to choose from, too.

I hope these suggestions have given you a few ideas to try in your own home to create a soothing and restful bedroom.

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