5 end of tenancy cleaning tips to make your landlord happy

Let’s be honest. Nobody looks forward to their end of tenancy clean. And if you’re on a tight budget, hiring a cleaner may not be a viable option. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to sacrifice part of your deposit for doing a poor cleaning job. Below are five important tips for ensuring your end of tenancy clean is thorough, meticulous, and overall to a standard that makes your landlord happy.

Deep-Clean Carpets & Rugs

Whether you live in an apartment and have rugs and throws in your main living area, or are renting a student house with thick carpets, you’re going to have to ensure that the carpets are as clean as possible. The simplest, most efficient approach is to purchase powdered carpet cleaner, which should be sprinkled over the carpet or rug and left for a minimum of 30 minutes. Once the powder has bedded-in, the final step is to hoover, and hoover well. It is recommended to have a final scan over once hoovering is complete to ensure no dust or debris is left untouched.

Clean Bathroom Limescale & Grime

When cleaning the bathroom, ensure that you are not just focusing on the toilet and bath/shower. The bathroom floor and any shelves are just as prone to dirt, and will no doubt have accumulated a fair amount of grime if you haven’t cleaned regularly. Be sure to wipe all surfaces with cleaning wipes, deep-clean the bath and toilet with a bathroom cleaning solution, and ensure all limescale is scrubbed away (paying particular attention to tiles and the corners of the room).

Removing Bedroom Dust & Dirt

To ensure all dust and debris is cleared from the bedroom, be sure to move any wardrobes, cabinets, and beds to clear any dirt that has accumulated underneath. Additionally, be sure to pay particular attention to drawers and surfaces, both in terms of clearing unwanted items and wiping down each surface individually.

Don’t forget to defrost your freezer!

Failing to defrost your freezer is often where most renters end up losing part of their deposit to a cleaning fee. To defrost your freezer properly, be sure to unplug it and use a hot cloth to wipe down the inside. This little trick is efficient on two levels: the temperature of the rag helps to defrost the freezer at a quicker rate, and the cloth helps to begin wiping up any dirt or rubbish left inside. Once defrosted, give the freezer a thorough clean with a cloth and appropriate cleaning solution.

Kitchen Cleaning – Where to Prioritise

Cleaning the oven should be your first priority, simply because this is where most landlords will check first. Cleaning your oven properly will involve purchasing the appropriate cleaning solution, and following the below steps:

  • Coat your oven in the cleaning solution, and leave to soak for the recommended time
  • Whilst you’re waiting, deep-clean the oven racks to remove grime and dirt
  • Once the solution has been soaked-in successfully, take a damp cloth and wipe the solution away, taking care to scrub away any grime that will come off
  • Apply an additional oven cleaning spray, and scrub the remaining dirt away

Additionally, have a check over of your washing machine, dishwasher and remaining white goods. If dirt is spotted, clean appropriately.

And there you have a quick guide on what to focus on when conducting your end of tenancy clean to keep your landlord happy!

This post was written by SMC Premier Cleaning, an agency of professional contract cleaners based in Manchester, UK.


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