Car Tyre Tips for Driving in Fog in London

In the old movies, London was nearly always depicted as being shrouded in thick fog. Thankfully, fogs are no longer so commonplace in the capital due to the cleaner air the city enjoys. Despite this, foggy weather can make driving extremely difficult in the capital. Firstly, it is harder to see what the traffic is doing on the road ahead so you tend to end up braking harder than you would under normal conditions. Secondly, you are more liable to get into traffic that stops and starts frequently, whether you are on the A406 ring road in North London or the arterial roads of South London, such as the A2, the A20 or the A23.

When you keep applying your brake to slow and stop in fog, your tyres come under greater strain than they otherwise would do, both for hybrid cars, traditional fuel cars, and electric cars. What can you do about maintaining them to deal with conditions of reduced visibility?

Check Your Tracking

If you don’t see a pothole in the road ahead of you because of the reduced visibility that comes about in misty and foggy weather, then your wheels can become misaligned. This is also easily achieved if you fail to notice a speed bump in the road and go over it too quickly. In such cases, your tyres may start to wear down prematurely because they are pulling against one another. By having your tracking sorted out, your tyres will be put into a parallel position with one another, thereby helping your tread to remain intact for longer.

Look for Bulges

A simple inspection of your tyres’ sidewalls is all that is needed to look for bulges in the rubber. When your tyres start to deteriorate from the underlying road conditions you face in the capital – especially during foggy periods – the compounds that the tyres are made from can begin to split. Bulges and scratch-like gouges in the sides of a tyre show you that they are on their last legs and need to be replaced. To buy car tyres in London, you can get them from DAT Tyres where you can have suitable replacements fitted professionally.

Pump Your Tyres Up

One of the most important things you can do when driving in fog is to inflate your tyres to the manufacturer’s recommended level. In truth, this is advisable anywhere in the country but it is especially the case in the capital where you often have less time to react to quickly changing road conditions. If your tyres are even partially flat, then you may lose control if you swerve to avoid something on the road ahead of you that was hard to spot in the fog. This is because your tyre slews out on the road when you turn your steering wheel if it is under-inflated. Bear in mind that properly inflated tyres are not just a benefit to you when driving in foggy weather. It could help you to react and properly deal with other road users’ sometimes erratic behaviour when they are on the road in fog.

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