Plan an Awesome Fire Pit Party This Winter

Cosy winter nights with friends and family in front of a fire pit dining set are a brilliant way to beat the cold and of course make great memories. Here are some handy tips on how to create a warm ambience and host an extra special fire pit party:

Choose a great fire pit dining set

Your fire pit dining set is going to be the focal point of the party and everyone will enjoy sitting around chatting and laughing. At Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture you’ll find a range of high quality, CE registered gas operated fire pit dining sets. They come in a variety of styles and designs – square or rectangular and in a choice of 4, 6 or 8 seats.

Made from weatherproof high quality HDPE, the dining table in these sets comes with a heat controlled built-in fire pit including a removable protective glass surround and decorative glass beads for hiding the gas jets. If there is going to be a chance of rain, you might also opt for one of their large cantilever parasols to help keep you and your guests (not to mention the food and drink) dry.

Decide on a theme

Once you have decided on a theme, then the decoration, food and drinks can be easily planned. Let your guests know well in advance, especially if you’d like them to dress up or bring food along based on the chosen theme. Why not plan some games with prizes for the winners to double the fun?!

Decor and ambience

Think about lighting your outdoor party space, especially if you’re having an evening event. It’s important to illuminate pathways and it always looks nice if you hang some paper pom poms or streamers. For a more cosy effect add twinkling tea lights to the dining table and don’t forget to create a music playlist to set the party mood.

Plan activities

It can be a great ice breaker and can really ramp up the fun if you organise some lighthearted activities – kids especially will love to play and even in winter it’s fun to get some outdoor games going, such as a treasure hunt, to keep them busy and amused.

Food and drinks

Think about how many people you have invited and what you will serve them. Perhaps a selection of hot and cold options? Will you need to cater for young children? Keep beverage choices simple with beer, wine and soft drinks. Or if you have the time, perhaps you could create your own signature recipe party punch with your favourite delicious  fruity flavours.

If you’re not sure what to do about catering, everyone enjoys a barbecue and most things can be cooked pretty quickly, e.g. burgers and hot dogs. Or how about making a campfire stew? Get the older kids toasting marshmallows at the firepit for extra fun!

Finally – don’t forget to provide blankets if it’s chilly and hopefully with these tips you’ll be set up for a great fire pit party in your garden this winter.

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