5 Ideas For Creating A Signature Style

Do you have a look you are known for, that is totally you..?

I think if you have established your signature look, you don’t tend to follow trends. You’ve discovered what you like and stick to it, whether that’s a blazer and jeans, vintage t-shirts, a red lip or a particular brand.

It’s the sort of thing that when someone sees it in a shop, they immediately think of you. 

If you don’t have a signature style but would like to curate one, think about the things you like to wear – how do they make you feel when you put them on. Do they give you confidence? Why not create a Pinterest board or save Intstagram posts of your favourite looks. This is a good starting point and there are more ideas below:

Create a capsule wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe is a great way to reflect your signature style. Instead of rails full of uncoordinated items that you hardly wear, imagine an edited, organised wardrobe that delivers great outfit combinations on a daily basis. Getting your style nailed should ultimately save you time and money by avoiding wardrobe mistakes. It’s a good idea to focus on classic wardrobe items that will last.

This is what I’m aiming for as I approach a significant birthday in a few months… I’d like to move into my next decade feeling as stylish and confident as possible. I’ve set myself a challenge of editing my wardrobe down to no more than 50 items, with space only for things I love and that make me feel good (and as I’ll be turning 50, that seems like quite a good number to aim for!).

Discover your every day jewellery

A signature style requires signature jewellery, surely? Jewellery is deeply personal and the right pieces will complete an outfit and even boost your self-esteem.

If I do have a signature style at all, it is a long standing love of silver and white gold jewellery (yellow and rose gold doesn’t really suit my cool-toned skin). I especially love delicate rings, bangles and necklaces. So when London jewellery company Daisy got in touch with me recently to share a bit about their collection, and invite me to try a couple of their necklaces I was thrilled. This brand just vibes perfectly with me… It’s all about beautiful, simple, every day wearable jewellery with meaning. It allows you to cultivate an effortless and elevated style. The pieces will mix and match with your existing jewellery and you can add more favourites over time.

What began as a dream in London’s Portobello Road over ten years ago, the brand has grown to cult status and now includes a best-selling collaboration collection with Estée Lalonde. It was from this collection that I was drawn to the stunning T-Bar necklace. If you need a signature necklace the T-Bar necklace is it. This vintage design exudes a cool seventies style which I adore.

The second necklace I chose is the Artisan Tapestry Necklace in Sterling Silver. Bold yet delicate, this design is beautifully boho, with an air of adventure about it… Handmade in sterling silver, it is reminiscent of the kind of amazing tapestry you might find in a Marrakech market.

As with the T-Bar necklace, it is perfect for layering, mixing and matching and creating an eclectic and individual look – your signature style.

Adopt a statement piece

Rather than going for a full head to toe signature style, it can be a good idea to simply adopt a signature piece. Break the style rules and rather than copy others, personalise your look by adding a unique item such as killer boots or an oversized bag.

Your signature piece will be the one constant item in your wardrobe that you literally could wear or use every day.

Something I’ve hankered after for a good long while is a quality biker jacket. One that will never date and simply get better with age.

With Christmas money in hand early this year, I headed out and splurged on an All Saints Leather Jacket. As someone who shops in the sales a lot, it felt a bit decadent, but there was a  20% discount on – happy days! And I am obsessed with the jacket. It’s a one time investment and getting the right one for you feels amazing. I put it on and I feel great!

Another good statement piece would be some quality denim – either a jacket or jeans. Getting a great fitting pair of jeans has eluded me in recent years, so I am on a mission to find a well cut jean that flatters, wears and washes well! A single designer pair may cost the same as several cheap pairs but will be worn more and should last a lot longer, working out better value in the long run.

Get groomed & glowing

If you feel good about your hair or your skin or your nails, it will show and you will appear more outwardly confident. So a fantastic haircut, glowing complexion or classic dark red manicure could become your trademark. (I always notice good nails on others – do you, too?)

In an attempt to get more radiant skin, I’ve just upgraded my face cream to Clinique’s Moisture Surge which is a refreshing gel-cream designed to deeply hydrate skin and get it looking plump and glowing. It feels silky smooth and hydrating on my skin – which is much needed now as I’m prone to dryness and can’t ignore the wrinkles anymore!

Find a fabulous fragrance

One thing I haven’t yet found is my signature fragrance. I think it’s lovely to have a perfume that others associate with you. How many of us can smell a perfume and it reminds us fondly of a relative or friend. Scent is very evocative like that. Unfortunately I am too indecisive when it comes to choosing a fragrance. I like a unisex scent with fresh citrus notes, but sometimes also the sweeter mellowness of vanilla and heady florals too.

Of course you could always choose a timeless and iconic classic such as Chanel No. 5 rather than searching for something new. For now, I’m enjoying my bottle of Liz Earle No 1 which is a summery botanical fragrance. I really do enjoy wearing it which is important.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic. If you have any tips for creating a great signature style, please do share them in the comments.

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