Top tips for a stress-free summer getaway

Yale_summerIt’s the summer holidays – the car is packed and the kids are buckled up in the back ready for you to jet off abroad or drive to your staycation.

It’s easy to forget the rest of the world while on holiday, you’re too busy making new memories at the seaside, whether it’s soaking up the summer sun or collecting seashells along the coast. But have you ever given much thought about protecting the precious items you’ve left at home?

Home security is often overlooked in the madness of getting everything ready for your getaway – especially when valuable items such as phones and tablets are often brought along on the journey. Yet frequently it is the sentimental items that can cause the most heartache if taken, lost or damaged, as they can never be replaced.

In fact, a recent survey of 1,000 people revealed that 40 percent* had lost personal items in a burglary that they deemed irreplaceable. These can be items such as photographs, family heirlooms, children’s drawings, or even that seemingly insignificant cushion that tells a story unique to you and your family.

Having an intruder break into your home can take away much more than your treasured possessions and memories; it can leave you feeling insecure and vulnerable. The experts at Yale understand this concern and aim to pass on their advice and experience in order to make UK homes safer.

The ‘Yale it’ campaign aims to improve consumers’ knowledge of basic home security by providing useful tips and advice. So before you get away this summer, make sure you avoid the stress and paranoia of trying to remember if you locked the back door or left the bathroom window open, and instead focus on building sandcastles with the kids and eating ice-cream in the sun.

Yale’s top five home security tips for a stress-free summer getaway:

  1. Check your locks

If you know you’re going away it’s worth checking your door locks adhere to the latest standards. It also helps to check your insurance policy to make sure your locks meet the standard stipulated, so that you know you’re definitely covered in case of a break-in.

  1. Don’t forget your windows

Windows are a common point of entry for burglars. Make sure all your windows are fitted with at least one appropriate lock, especially ground floor windows which have the potential to be accessed easily.

  1. Invest in a home alarm

A poll by Halifax found that 34% of householders with a home alarm said they rarely activated it. Yale’s Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm protects your home and works with a free app, which allows you to monitor the system while you’re away.

  1. Sheds, garages and outbuildings

Many outbuildings contain sought-after valuable items, as well as ladders and tools that could prove useful for a burglar. Heavy-duty padlocks, hasps and staples are recommended to secure your shed, and anchor locks and cables can be used to secure individual items, making it far more difficult for burglars to grab your possessions.

  1. Protect your treasured possessions

Often valuables are taken on holiday, as well as left at home. Valuables such as jewellery and passports are one thing, but what about your child’s favourite comforter or seashells that represent precious memories? Yale offers a range of home and travel safes to keep these items protected.

For more information on Yale’s products and services, please visit, or alternatively like /YaleUK on Facebook, or follow @YaleSecurity on Twitter.

* UIA Insurance

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