5 Projects To Start This Spring

With physical distancing protocols in effect for the coming weeks, what better opportunity to make the most of the time at home than get started on those projects you’ve been putting off! Spring has officially sprung, so it’s time to get to spring cleaning and garden prepping. Here’s 5 ideas for projects to get started on:

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Build Some Raised Beds

There is still plenty of time to plant vegetables or flowers in your garden! Building raised beds is an easy project that you can enjoy for years to come. There are many different styles, heights and sizes you can build, but most still require only the most basic materials. Some lengths of wood, a handful of screws and a drill to assemble it all together. We’ve seen some wood pallets repurposed into beautiful flower beds if you want minimal work! 

Make Some Soldered Jewellery

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a new craft, making your own jewellery is a fun and functional hobby to consider. There’s nothing like learning something new and working with your hands, and with the free time you may have these days this is a perfect opportunity. Using a soldering iron to make jewellery might sound intimidating but there are many guides and tutorials on how to use one to make jewellery. Essentially, it’s like holding a pencil with a very hot tip that melts metal into the shape you want. There’s really nothing like making your own jewellery!

Reupholster Your Old Furniture

Upholstering an armchair

This is a bit more of a complicated project, but if you’ve got an old sofa or chairs that need new upholstery, this can be a great project to tackle this spring. Hiring someone to do this for you, or buying new furniture is immensely more expensive than doing it yourself. And, once you know how to do it you can always keep your furniture fresh and neat, and you get better every time! The key for reupholstering furniture is to take your time. It’s not a job you should try and rush through. Measure twice, cut once is the old adage, and it definitely applies here. 

Repot Your Houseplants

If you’ve got houseplants, the chances are that they’re due for a re-potting. As houseplants grow, their roots expand within the soil of their pots until they are so crowded that sometimes when you remove the plant from the pot – there’s no soil left, it’s just roots! Without proper room to grow, the plant may become stunted, or even die. Instead of having soil to grab the water, water may run through straight to the bottom of the pot. Giving your plants a new pot with more room for the roots and new soil which contains all the nutrients they need for growth is essential to healthy, happy plants. And, spring is the perfect time to do this since you can bring them outside while you do it to keep things clean, and prep them for faster growth during the spring and summer. 

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning
Photo by Ran Berkovich on Unsplash

Dust and other debris can really build up in a home over winter. Keeping your carpets, rugs and upholstery clean throughout the house is especially important during spring to help reduce the effects of seasonal allergies. And, if we are to be spending more time at home this spring and summer than usual due to physical distancing, it’s even more important to keep a tidy home. Vacuuming can only do so much for a carpet or rug, and getting your carpets properly cleaned ensures that not only are the hairs, fur and dirt gone, but you want to make sure you’re washing out and sucking up any water and fat soluble particles. You can consider hiring a professional, but many stores rent out carpet cleaning machines so you can do it yourself. 

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