5 Reasons Vertical Blinds Could Be Best For Your Windows

Window dressings come in many forms, but some are more enduring than others. Once such design that stands the test of time is the ever reliable vertical blind. Featuring a head rail and vertical fabric slats, or ‘louvres’ to give them the correct term, they can be tilted, or opened and closed fully, by adjusting the blind’s cords.

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Not only are they able to give your home a contemporary and stylish ‘minimal’ look, they have several other advantages that make them potentially the best option for your windows. So if you are ready for changing your window treatment and upgrading to vertical blinds, read on:

Excellent Light Control

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When the sun shines in, it’s normally a pleasant experience, however sometimes it can be a bit of a pain too if you are trying to watch TV or work at a PC or laptop and feel dazzled by bright light. The beauty of having vertical blinds is how much control you have. You can tilt them slightly or fully to reduce the sun’s glare and with options like black out fabric for complete light filtering or solar reflective options to help keep your room temperate, you really can’t go wrong! This is one of the reasons vertical blinds are super popular in sun rooms.

Suitable for Large or Small Windows

A distinct advantage with vertical blinds is you’re not restricted by standard sizes. They can be custom made to suit pretty much any shape or size of window. This means they can be particularly advantageous when it comes to a very large or long window – one reason they are popular in modern apartments with floor to ceiling glass. Patio doors are not a problem either, as you can simply pull the blinds back fully when you want to use the doors.

Versatile in Fabric & Colour

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A lot of people who opt for vertical blinds love the uncluttered and unfussy look they provide. However that doesn’t equal boring – on the contrary, the choice of fabrics, colours and patterns when it comes to your chosen slats is huge. You could choose a gorgeous neutral colour, such as ivory, cream, taupe or mushroom, or go for a pastel pink or a pop of colour with a bold turquoise, cherry or gold! You could also opt for a more textured fabric to give your home a ‘layered’ and cosy feel. It’s great there are so many options, however you may be spoilt for choice!

Provide Good Security & Privacy

A great benefit of having vertical blinds is the level of privacy you can achieve. The blinds sit perfectly against your window, no matter how large, right up to the edges of the glass.  If you want total privacy when you are at home or when you go out, you can fully close the louvres and be confident that no one can see in. Even if you don’t close them fully, just tilting them affords a much greater degree of privacy than curtains or roller blinds could.

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Low Maintenance & Affordable!

Well this final point is going to be music to most people’s ears! Whether a home owner or a renter, if you can save money on your window dressings without compromising on style, then that’s a definite win. What you get when you choose vertical blinds is great value for money. Yes you can upgrade and therefore raise the cost by opting for more luxurious fabrics or features, however compared to other window coverings such as luxury curtains and plantation shutters, vertical blinds offer a much more cost effective option. They are easy to dust and keep clean, too. Should a louvre become damaged or stained, you can replace individual slats rather than the whole blind, which is more sustainable, too. They’re a pretty simple design so there’s not much to go wrong! Sometimes new and old homes are not robust enough around the windows to take heavy curtains, so again do consider the many benefits of Vertical Blinds for your windows.

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