Scandi boho interior

5 Steps to A Dreamy Urban Boho Interior

The modern Bohemian trend is pretty unmissable in 2018.  Many homeware stores have tapped into the vibe and interior magazines regularly feature this style, so if you haven’t incorporated it into your home yet, what’s stopping you?

Scandi boho interior

Comfortable and a little bit ‘lived in’ this relaxed and informal interior style means you don’t have to rush out and buy lots of new furniture and accessories.  Simply aim to create a personal, eclectic space, featuring treasures bought or found on your travels, or things you have perhaps made or upcycled.  Colour lovers can throw hot shades into the mix, or you can keep things cool and calm with a neutral colour scheme that concentrates on whites and creams:

Boho interior

Here’s a few more ways you can bring this easy style into your home:


No self-respecting Boho abode is complete without a collection of gorgeous cushions and luckily it’s one of the easiest and quickest fixes.  Adding a range of new cushions to your sofa, armchairs and even the floor can transform your space.  Look for shaggy cushion covers and those featuring aztec patterns, chevrons, arrows, or tribal and Ikat prints.  Keep the scheme bright and crisp, with colours like blue, or these red covers for a colour pop.  Alternatively you could go monochrome, and pile them up in different pattern combinations for an immediate impact!  If you are stuck for choice, pressed for time or lacking the confidence to choose the right combination of cushions, I love how Simply Cushions offer complete, co-ordinated sets in the Boho style!

Boho cushion collections

 Wall decor

A wall hanging is an essential element to capture the look and there are plenty around at the moment – either to buy, or you could have a go at making your own as a fun and satisfying craft project.  Here’s some inspiration for you to get you started on a DIY version!

Gallery walls are also a great way to personalise your bohemian decor.  You can buy inexpensive prints and frames online featuring dreamy forest landscapes or inspirational quotes.  Why not also shop for quirky postcards and even old paintings from thrift shops, to create a really unique and eclectic gallery wall?  I also love seeing woven baskets displayed as wall art – it’s a really cheap way to add a fun, decorative detail to your room!

boho baskets


Greenery is a major component of the bohemian interior look, especially collections of air plants or succulents in little concrete pots, whilst terrariums filled with gravel and tiny plants look just perfect placed on side tables and shelves.  In addition, large, leafy cheese plants and tall, architectural cacti plants can add height and structure.  If you want to go full-on ‘urban jungle’, add some hanging macrame planters with trailing plants such as ‘string of pearls’.  Make use of ‘belly baskets’ for storage and also to display your bigger plants in, such as fiddle-figs and monstera specimens.  These baskets sometimes come dipped in different colours, or with added decorations such as sequins or pom poms.  If you have a bad track record with plant care, you can always cheat by bringing in the greenery element using faux plants and large posters, as shown below – you can see more of this summery style boho room here.

Boho interior

Added Texture and Patterns

The Boho room should be layered with lots of different textures to add interest and comfort.  Opt for natural materials – shaggy wool or sheepskin rugs are ideal, or perhaps a faded persian rug or runner, especially on a wooden floor.  Add throws to beds or sofas with tassled edges.  Look for tactile fabrics too, such as faux fur and velvet.  Pouffes make great boho room accessories – whether Moroccan patchwork style, chunky-knit ‘pebbles’ or the woven sisal variety that is sturdy enough to rest a tray on.  Patterned tiles are a good way to add an extra decorative element, even if only in small areas such as around a fireplace, hearth or sink.

Patterned blue tile

Retro Furniture

Some classic furniture items that work well with a Boho interior are 1960s teak sideboards and bookcases, G-Plan dining tables and wicker furniture, such as those retro peacock chairs and rattan side tables.  Often these can be picked up quite cheaply second hand, so you don’t have to spend a small fortune.  You might have to pay a bit more, however, if there’s an iconic piece on your wishlist, such as a classic hanging egg chair; but it could be the striking centrepiece your room deserves.

If you fancy trying the urban boho interior look, why not pin this post for later:

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