Home Improvement Ideas to Add Value to your House

Whether you plan to move house sooner or later, it pays to think about the improvements you can make to your home, so that when the time comes you get the best offer possible.  Luckily, there are lots of proven ways to add value, so let’s take a look at some of them today.

First Impressions Count

Yes, they most certainly do when it comes to that all important ‘kerb appeal’.  Your aim is to draw potential buyers in from their first glance, so that means giving them a wonderful first impression of your house and making them feel intrigued and excited to see more.  It’s also one of the easiest upgrades you can make, without spending a fortune.  If you have a path or driveway, weed it and jet wash the surface.  Repair and paint any gates or window frames that need attention.  Why not give the fence a spruce up with a chic shade of garden paint?  And a smart front door is essential; either invest in a brand new door, or makeover the one you have so it stands out from the neighbours.  A smart paint job and some eye-catching hardware (shiny new letterbox, door knocker, house number etc.) can make a huge difference.  Make sure grids and guttering are clean and unblocked and windows are gleaming.  A few planters spilling over with gorgeous flowers will also please the eye.  If a potential buyer falls in love from their first impression, you’re in a stronger position to seal the deal and hopefully achieve your top price, too.

Warm and Cosy

Many house-hunters will tell you they get ‘a feeling’ when stepping into a home and an almost immediate sense of whether it is a keeper.  As a prospective buyer walks through your front door, you want the atmosphere to welcome them and make them feel like they are home.  That means a clean and fresh smell and for the house to feel comfortably warm.  Set your heating to a pleasant, ambient temperature.  One of the best improvements you can make is to add underfloor heating.  This modern, efficient and discreet way of heating the home is a winner in so many ways; it’s cost effective, easy to control, straightforward to fit over an existing floor or under a new one, in just one part of the house or all over!  There’s no need for bulky or ugly radiators, which frees up so much wall space for other things like furniture and storage.  Plus, systems like those from Polypipe Underfloor Heating, work with the majority of floor coverings including tiles, wood and carpet.  Buyers will thank you for installing it and an improvement like this could even be a deal clincher, since they could potentially move straight in and place their belongings wherever they want, unhindered by concerns about blocking heating sources, or having to go to the expense of upgrading the system.

Home Improvements to add value

The Heart of the Home

Although some people are looking for a ‘doer-upper’ or project home, many would prefer somewhere they can move into immediately, without having to do major renovations.  The kitchen for most people is the heart of the home, so if you have already created a wonderful kitchen space, it will pull potential buyers right in.  Modern, spacious and clean designs tend to ‘tick the boxes’.  By offering a more open plan and workable layout, with space for seating and a dining table – perhaps with a central island – you will woo buyers, as they imagine themselves living there, entertaining friends and enjoying the welcoming space.  If you have large patio or bi-fold doors out onto the garden, so much the better as this really appeals to today’s buyers.  Just make sure your outdoor space is as well presented as the inside – always remember that you are selling a lifestyle when marketing your house.

Polypipe Underfloor Heating

Low Maintenance

Being able to reassure potential buyers that all the major works are done, and they won’t have to fork out for such necessities as new windows, or as mentioned before, heating upgrades etc. is massively attractive – especially when perhaps several properties are being considered and compared.  If yours offers a lower maintenance opportunity than another similar property, you are in a stronger position to sell at the right price.  After all, no one enjoys spending money on the ‘unseen’ items like loft insulation, even though its necessary and important.  So if the house is already energy efficient, safe, secure, well maintained, and people know they can therefore keep running costs down, that is going to be a big bonus.

Blissful Bathrooms

Although a kitchen upgrade usually comes higher up the must-have list, if you can upgrade your bathroom, too, it will definitely help increase the value of your home and interest prospective buyers even more, as people today always prefer modern, clean bathrooms.  You can keep costs down by upgrading with a budget-friendly simple white suite, which always looks smart and gives a good impression.  Extras like a heated towel rail and some nice, built-in storage are always nice features to impress buyers.

 Extend or Sell with Planning Permission

A well-designed and executed extension should always add value to your house.  If you can create a bedroom in the loft, extend the kitchen or add a conservatory, these are things buyers are often looking for.  Just remember that every street has a ceiling price, so if you over-develop, you may not recoup your costs.  It is a good idea to look at what your neighbours have done to improve their houses as a guide; they may even recommend their architect or builder to you, if you like what you see.

Even if you can’t factor in an extension before you move on, getting plans drawn up and planning permission in place for the next owner can be a sweet enticement.  This might be thing to give you the edge over another property and ensure your house is the more exciting prospect, getting you that all important sale!

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