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6 Ways to Create a Stunning Statement Wall

Have you thought about creating a feature wall in your home?  Perhaps you have the ideal spot in mind, but aren’t sure how to make it stand out?

If you think of your wall as a blank canvas, the opportunities to decorate it are endless – bold colour, exquisite wallpaper, original art or stylishly decorative wall accessories.  However, it can also be difficult deciding what makes a truly stunning statement wall, so here are some ideas to get your creativity going:

Large Modern Clocks

Featuring a large wall clock, or even a collection of clocks, is a popular way to make a statement that not only looks good but is a practical option, too!  For example, in an office or teen room, it can look quite cool when you display several clocks in a row or square, showing the different times zones around the world.  With so many stylish designs around these days, getting the right clock to fit your decor is important.  Is your home strikingly minimalist?  If so, you might choose a contemporary clock in one of the more modern designs.  But if your interior style is more characterful and quirky, you may prefer a retro or mid-century style clock.  Choose a clock face that reflects your home and comes in a colour that compliments your room perfectly, or adds an extra colour pop.

A large, statement clock is an affordable way to make an impact and is also one of the quickest transformations you can make – simply fix to the wall!  No painting or decorating required (unless you want to).  And with online ordering, it is a wall decor solution that can be sorted from the comfort of your armchair.  Just remember to check the dimensions of your favourite clock to ensure it’s not too large or small for the intended space.  I love the wide range available at Purely Wall Clocks as there is something for everyone amongst all the different styles.  For me, their big wooden clocks  have a great, natural appeal.


A Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

There’s no doubting that a carefully curated gallery wall makes a stunning feature in any room and can look particularly effective on a stair wall.  However, many people lack confidence about which frames to use, choosing prints to compliment each other and especially how to arrange them all in a visually pleasing manner.  Luckily, many art emporiums now sell beautifully co-ordinated sets of framed prints to take the guesswork out of it.  And if you are struggling with the layout, it helps to place the framed pictures on the floor first, whilst working out the desired arrangement.  You can also find suggested gallery wall layouts on my Styling Your Home Pinterest Board.  If you are concerned about banging lots of nails into your walls, or you live in rented accommodation, don’t worry as it is possible to buy damage free wall hanging accessories at your local DIY store or online, such as those by Command.


Wood Panelling

vintage modern manchester
The stunning showroom of Rose & Grey


Not only a great way to hide damaged or uneven walls, beautiful white or painted wood panelling always looks smooth and stylish.  It is a project that any competent DIY-er can take on, especially as there are plenty of online tutorials around to take advantage of.  Using MDF is a cost effective way to create an ultimately showstopping wall finish that always looks classy, whether in a bathroom, bedroom or dining room.  If you love the effect, but don’t feel confident about creating your own panelled wall, it is possible to buy wallpaper that creates the same illusion.

Paint Effects

Sometimes a new dramatic paint colour or creative paint technique is all you need to give your wall the wow factor.  Be imaginative and think outside of the box; for example creating a two tone effect by dividing the wall horizontally or diagonally with masking tape and applying two complimentary colours, or perhaps going monochrome.  Alternatively you could consider blending a lighter toned paint gradually into a darker shade to achieve a stunning ombre effect.  There are lots of specialist paints around that can give a different finish, such as metallic, suede or ultra matt and chalky – even magnetic paint, so you can use your wall as a giant noticeboard!

Neon Art

neon wall sign

Not everyone’s cup of tea maybe, but huge in interiors at the moment is neon art.  There’s no doubting these illuminated signs make a totally eye catching and dramatic feature.  You can’t fail to notice neon and it is sure to become a talking point!  More widely available these days to buy off the shelf, you can also go bespoke and commission a truly unique design; perhaps a symbol, quote or saying that means something to you.  Although maybe not the cheapest way to jazz up your wall, a piece of neon art is guaranteed to make an impact.


Less expensive than neon, but still capable of creating a memorable impression – yes I’m talking simple yet effective wall decals!  These fun transfers are temporary, which makes them especially good if you like to change your decor regularly or you’re renting and not permitted to make permanent changes to the walls.  Also ideal for nurseries, since you can change the designs as your little one grows.  From gold polka dots and trendy chevrons designs to stunning mystical forest scenes, there are some really lovely wall decals around.  You could try somewhere like  Etsy and opt for a ready made set of stickers, or design your own!  Many suppliers can custom cut decals for you, allowing you to personalise your wall space.

I hope this has given you some new ideas to help utilise your walls in a different and imaginative way.  The walls in our homes certainly never need to be boring and bare, so why not make use of that vertical space and turn your blank canvas into a one off work of art?  You’ll not regret it!

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